Are they desperate enough to pull off another false flag? Set off an atomic bomb in Chicago and blame it on Iran. We know Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons... nobody is counting those because they refuse IAEA inspections... we know there is at least one nuclear weapon still floating around somewhere in the US intelligence network from that little exercises with the nuclear armed aircraft and somewhere along the way one went missing. The money junkies are desperate. Are they desperate enough to nuke the USA to get their war? Of course they are... they did it to New York. They suckered the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor and tried to act like it was a surprise.

These people have NO SOUL. Its worship of money and a reverence for other peoples blood to be spilled across the battlefields of the world... that's whats going on here... there may be a false flag, we don't know... but what there is going to be without a shadow of a doubt is a draft. In the USA they have to... because the American people are NOT going to volunteer to fight a war that they know is based on lies.

I guarantee you that Obama is going to get on that TV and say "we're in it now and we are going to have to re-institute the draft because your going to have to go out there and defend Israel from Iran." That is what they are planning to do right now and they'll do it as long as you let them get away with it.

These people want to trade the blood of your children for more gold in their pocket... like they don't have enough gold their already? They think its a big funny deal here.

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Michael Rivero of