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An Apple application that let users guess which French politicians or celebrities are Jewish was pulled from France's App Store, but its American equivalent is still available.

French activist groups said the "Jew or Not Jew?" app violated bans on compiling information on people's religion and revealing that religion without their consent, according to United Press International.

The app, which became available last month, can still be purchased in other countries, the newspaper said. It was developed by a Jew. Johann Levy, 35, a French-British software engineer, told the Journal his intent was to develop a "recreational" tool for people who want to know the religious background of celebrities.

"I often ask myself whether this or that celebrity is Jewish or not," Levy said. "I believe that it's a question that many Jews ask themselves too."

America's freedom of speech laws make it possible to discuss anyone's religion but it does have laws against hate speech, according to PCMag, but this app doesn't seem to be advocating hate.

While French activists may find such an app alarming, there has been little outcry in the United States -- but perhaps that's because American television programs like TMZ and Saturday Night Live have made "Jew or Not Jew" mainstream entertainment.