A fugitive rapist who went on the run after a frail spinster was murdered in a hammer attack at her home once told a victim: 'I am your everyday psychopath.'

Graeme Jarman, 47, was jailed for seven years for the horrifying rape at gunpoint of his 17-year-old victim who later described him as an 'evil and cunning' predator.

'I suffered seven hours at the hands of that man,' she said. 'He told me to shut up and do what he said, adding, "I am your everyday psychopath". Those words will live with me for ever.'

© UnknownReady to board: Footage of Greame Jarman getting on a bus in Stockton High Street, Cleveland, on the morning of Friday, August 26
© Press AssociationWanted by police: Jarman caught on CCTV shortly after 9am
Jarman, a former civil servant, is now at the centre of a nationwide manhunt mounted by detectives investigating the killing of 77-year-old pensioner Judith Richardson.

He disappeared from his home just two days before she was found bludgeoned to death in the hallway of her home in the Northumberland market town of Hexham on August 19.

Police believe Miss Richardson's attacker stole her handbag during the terrifying attack and then dumped it in a bin 25 miles away outside a charity shop in Newcastle city centre.

It was later handed to police who went to Miss Richardson's home in St Wilfrid's Road in a bid to return it to her as lost property. Instead they found her battered body.

© Press Association'A risk to himself and others': Grainy CCTV footage issued by Northumbria Police of Graeme Jarman, 47, in Stockton-on-Tees
Jarman, a serial sex offender who was released early from his most recent prison sentence for a knife-attack in 2003, was last seen in the Stockton area of Cleveland.

Fresh CCTV images, showing him boarding a bus, were yesterday released by detectives who believe he is constantly altering his appearance in a bid to evade capture.

In the latest set of pictures, Jarman - who officers believe has shaved his hair off - is wearing a baseball cap.

Last night, his adoptive mother, Irene Jarman, 70, begged him: 'Please hand yourself in. It's the best thing you can do. You've handed yourself in before and you can do it again.'

© Press AssociationJarman, a former civil servant, is a registered sex offender who was released early from two previous prison sentences.
Durham police, who were monitoring Jarman once a month as one of their most dangerous sex offenders, pronounced him missing on August 23 after he failed to answer minor shoplifting charges in court.

He was last seen at home in Consett, County Durham, on August 17.

Detectives investigating the murder of Miss Richardson have warned the public not to approach him, but to call police immediately. He poses 'a risk to himself and others', they said.

Jarman, who has a long criminal history, was jailed for seven years in 1988 for abducting and raping a girl of 17 at gunpoint in Peterborough.

© Press AssociationJudith Richardson (right) was found bludgeoned to death in her flat
He served just three years of the sentence and was released on parole in September 1991.

Jarman then married his long-term girlfriend but in June 1992 he went missing.

Days later he conned his way into the home of a 23-year-old woman in St Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire, where he bound, gagged, robbed and indecently assaulted her.

During the subsequent manhunt Jarman robbed building societies in Lancashire, Leicestershire, West Sussex, Norfolk and Avon.

His not guilty pleas to burglary with intent to rape and to an allegation of a serious sexual offence were accepted by the prosecution.

But he was jailed for 15 years for indecent assault and the building society robberies.

Jarman is described as a heavily built man of average height, clean shaven with dark hair, who frequently wears hats. He was last seen wearing jeans and a light blue polo shirt with dark cuffs.

© North News and Pictures Ltd. Crime scene: Police believe Mrs Richardson's attacker stole her handbag and dumped it 25 miles away in a bin outside a charity shop in Newcastle city centre