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Zionist 5th Column Deployed - Inventing A Clash of Civilizations

Football teams in England provide the ruling class with useful vehicles to divide and rule the working class.

As part of the "social" side of football working class people are encouraged to get excessively drunk (i.e. kill their brain-cells to prevent them interpreting the world) and to fight each other which precludes them from uniting to fight their class oppressors.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (aka "Spurs") is an interesting football team to focus on in light of the ongoing UK riots, the epicenter of which is in the Tottenham area. In a 2007 article in The Guardian's Seth Freedman referred to...
"Tottenham's long-held reputation as a 'Jewish' team" which he called "a title which, while not particularly politically correct, is still an understandable epithet to apply to the club.
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As a teenager growing up in the suburbs of London I was once listening to a Spurs supporting schoolmate spouting racist drivel about "Muslims destroying Britain's society". I quipped "you'll probably be joining the BNP soon."

"The BNP" is The British National Party, Britain's far-right neo-Nazi party which sadly managed to dupe a number of alienated white working class people into supporting it's fascist agenda in the last European elections, resulting in the election of the BNP's leader Nick Griffin as the MEP for the North-West of England.

My Islamophobic schoolmate, a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, replied when I asked him about the possibility of him joining the BNP, "fuck the BNP they allow Welsh and Scottish people to join them. I support the EDL for English people!"

"What's the EDL?" I replied. "The English Defence League. . .there are loads of us at Tottenham FC" my friend opined.

I have therefore had an awareness of the EDL for many years. As someone who went on to become involved in promoting justice for Palestine and who has engaged in the quest for 9/11 Truth I was interested to discover recently that the fascist EDL are fervent supporters of Israel's genocide against Muslims and that some of Britain's Jewish Zionists have teamed up with the EDL to work collaboratively on spreading parochialism and bigotry in Britain.

In an article in the Middle East Monitor, Dr. Hanan Chehata writes:
"The increasingly cosy relationship between the extremist, racist EDL movement and the ultra-racist Zionist movement in the UK is becoming more and more visible with each passing demonstration that they attend. It is now a common sight to see a mass of Israeli flags at an EDL rally and a mob of EDL members at a pro-Israel rally."

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In a report issued by Indymedia UK on August 7th entitled "EDL Involved in Tottenham Riots" Martin Smith reported that "some well known London EDL activists were involved in last night's disturbances and were winding up the crowd.

I feel that if they were involved it would be to stir things up and make black and Asian people look bad by encouraging them to riot and loot the place. Smashing up your own community makes you look really bad and can only benefit the fascists."

The riots which began in North London have now spread to other EDL strongholds such as Croydon, Manchester and Birmingham. The EDL brownshirts are being depicted by the mainstream media as the opponents of the rioters rather than as the possible instigators of the rioting.

The Globe and Mail put out an article on August 9th entitled "British far-right leader says 1,000 to take to streets to deter rioters". The article creates a false-dichotomy between the "rioters" (the bad guys) and the EDL (the anti-rioters).

In fact it is likely that the often-masked rioters and looters are the same patsies who are now being caste as those trying to combat the vandalism. In the Globe article Stephen Lennon, leader of the EDL is quoted as saying "We're going to stop the riots - police obviously can't handle it."

Hence, the EDL are allowed to appear as mere extensions of the law enforcers (in the true tradition of brownshirts) rather than as possible operatives of those oligarchs who are sabotaging British society.

Black Rioters Arrested
It is noticeable that many of the rioters depicted in the mainstream media are black. In fact, the mainstream media is constantly showing scenes of blacks instigating vandalism and celebrating the destruction.

This could turn out to be like the "Palestinians celebrating 9/11" footage which was disseminated after 9/11 even though the footage was filmed in 1993.

It is quite likely that the media is being encouraged to show vandalism committed by blacks rather than vandalism committed by whites in order to throw us off the scent of the Zionist-sponsored mainly white EDL being the protagonists of these riots.

Luckily there are citizen journalists posting You Tube videos, some of which depict mobs of white youth chanting patriotic anthems in the style of the EDL such as this video:

Furthermore, there are in fact Black members of the EDL. The EDL tolerates blacks because the EDL exists primarily to target Muslims and many black people are non-Muslim and prescribe to the mythology of the "war on terror" making them attractive pin-up boys for the fascist EDL. Even fascism is postmodern it seems.

English Defence League or Israel Defence League?

EDL members welcome Geert Wilders to England. Notice that the EDL is comprised of members from ethnic minority communities.
There is much evidence of Zionist involvement with the fascist EDL. When Jonathan Hoffman vice-chair of the Zionist Federation was photographed at a fascist EDL protest holding an Israeli flag he initially claimed the photo was "fraudulent".

Hoffman spread the falsehood "That photo was 'Photoshopped' - and it is bloody obvious that it was 'Photoshopped' "

He later apologized to the photographer of the photo, calling the photograph "genuine" in a Jewish Chronicle posting.

The EDL doesn't hide its support for Israel and even has a "Jewish Division" which was founded by Roberta Moore, a former supporter of the Jewish terrorist group led by Rabbi Meir Kahane, which is even banned in Israel. Roberta Moore stated in an interview with Haaretz: "They think the league is exploiting us, while it is really we who initiated the Jewish division. If anything, we are exploiting them."

The leader of the BNP Nick Griffin, noticing that the EDL are luring supporters away from his equally repugnant political party, expressed concern that: "the English Defense League is being manipulated and directed by Zionists to create a race war on the streets of Britain."

This coming from a man who himself has pro-Israel pretensions and who claimed during a debate on the BBC to have "stood full square behind Israel's right to deal with Hamas terrorists" during Israel's 2008/2009 massacre in Gaza.

Unlike Griffin's BNP and its predecessor the National Front, the EDL's racism is actually defended and apologized for by many mainstream media pundits. Mathew Goodwin a Professor of International Relations at Nottingham University writes:
"The reason why the EDL's adoption of Islamophobia is particularly significant is that unlike the 1970s, when the National Front was embracing antisemitism, there are now sections of the media and the British establishment that are relatively sympathetic towards Islamophobia."

"It is not difficult to look through the media and find quite hostile views towards Islam and Muslims. That is fundamentally different to the 1970s, when very few newspapers or politicians were endorsing the NF's antisemitic message."
9/11 "Debunker" David Aaronovitch Supports A "Yid Army" in North London

Author David Aaronovitch
Each football club in Britain has a "firm". A firm is a group of militant supporters who attempt on match days (usually Saturday afternoons) to humiliate and mete out violence upon competing "firms" associated with other football teams. "Firms" are the modern day clans or tribes in Britain.

Interestingly, the firm affiliated with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is called the "Yid Army."

Despite some commentators decrying this popular moniker as trivializing anti-Semitism (a position I agree with) Zionist propagandists for the War on Terror such as David Aaronovitch have defended mobs of hooligans roaming the streets of London operating under the titles of "Yid army" or "Yiddos".

For Aaronovitch titles of " 'Yid Army' and 'Yiddos' are nothing but a harmless bit of fun".

It could well be that with the Zionist faction of the elite reigning supreme in the post-9/11 era that elements of the "Yid army" have been transformed into brownshirts (the EDL) in order to import a "clash of civilizations" into Britain. Indeed it is quite possible that the "Yid army" was cultivated just as Islamic patsies were cultivated pre-9/11 in order to be in place once the Age of Israeli Empire was initiated on September 11, 2001.

"The Globalization of Zionist Power"

Another James Petras Book
The manufactured events of 9/11 and 7/7, which Israeli agents and Israeli companies seem to have been complicit in, stimulated the ongoing process of making Israel's enemies the enemies of ordinary citizens in countries such as Britain, Canada, U.S., Australia, France, Spain.

The confluence of interests between the EDL and right-wing Zionists stems from a desire to see Muslims ostracized and vilified in the world. Zionist elites, like all factions of the capitalist class, need brownshirts to coerce people into consenting to unpopular political agendas.

With the recent massacre in Norway being visited by an EDL supporting Christian Zionist seemingly to punish the Norwegian government for expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people (as argued by Petras and Madsen), ...

...and with the EDL-Zionist brownshirts reenacting scenes from the burning of the German Reichstag on the streets of England, one cannot help wondering whether we're experiencing a new wave of the epochal process James Petras has identified as "[t]he Globalization of Zionist Power"? [James Petras, War Crimes in Gaza (2010), 84].

Ethnic Sectarianism in Europe Good For Israel Economically, Not Just Politically
Israeli companies profit greatly from insecurity and destabilization whether it's in Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria or elsewhere. As Naomi Klein wrote in a 2007 article entitled "Israel's Military Industrial Complex":
"Israel's economy isn't booming despite the political chaos that devours the headlines, but because of it.

This phase of development dates back to the mid-'90s, when Israel was in the vanguard of the information revolution - the most tech-dependent economy in the world.

After the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, Israel's economy was devastated, facing its worst year since 1953. Then came 9/11, and suddenly new profit vistas opened up for any company that claimed it could spot terrorists in crowds, seal borders from attack and extract confessions from closed-mouthed prisoners."
Klein continues:
"Israel has struck oil. But the oil isn't the imagination of its techie entrepreneurs. The oil is the war on terror, the state of constant fear that creates a bottomless global demand for devices that watch, listen, contain and target "suspects." And fear, it turns out, is the ultimate renewable resource."
Israeli companies no doubt will profit from the UK riots which are engendering a new batch of the resource the Israeli economy profits from: other people's fear.

When hearing of the eruption of senseless vandalism in Tottehnam and other English Defence League strongholds this week, knowing what I knew about the presence of Zionist-influenced vandals in the area, and knowing what I knew about the Insecurity Industry that Zionist elites have cultivated, I couldn't help wondering whether or not we were getting full picture when we were being told that the whole of the UK is in revolt because a police officer shot a man in North London.

Blaming Social Networking

Total Failure of British Security - Why??
The Tottenham riots have now spread to disparate parts of Britain. One obvious explanation for the inexplicable eruptions of violence in distant, unassociated towns and cities would be that they were preplanned fraudulent trigger incidents which will serve as pretexts for the implementation of reactionary political policies.

The official story - which, to repeat, is that the ubiquitous riots spontaneously erupted because a police officer shot one person dead in North London - is now being invoked to justify a crackdown on social networking media.

CNET compliantly published a report on Auguest 8th entitled "Social networking fanning London's flames?" and The Guardian published an article entitled "London riots: how BlackBerry Messenger played a key role."
Blackberry is now considering immobilizing its BlackBerry messenger service and has been experiencing cyber-terrorism from those instigators of the UK riots who have something to hide.
The Montréal Gazette reported that: "a group calling itself "Team Poison" hacked into RIM's official BlackBerry blog.

Rioters' Weapon of Choice
It posted a message threatening to divulge the addresses, names and phone numbers of RIM employees to the public and rioters if it gives British police access to things such as messages, user locations and customer information."

Launching a cyber-hacking operation against a corporation specializing in new media seems quite sophisticated for what we're told are decentralized, impetuous protesters.

To successfully hack the official Blackberry blog someone with a high level of computer skills would have had to have wanted the riots to perpetuate and for the British police not to acquire "access to things such as messages, user locations and customer information" of the rioters.

Amazingly leftgatekeeper Andrew Gilligan credulously stated in an August 8th interview with RT "I don't think there is anything political about this [the riots.]. . .it's purely opportunistic".

A British MP echoed Gilligan stating "there's no political point to this. People just want some excitement in their lives".

With social networking being scapegoated for the scope of the UK riots, further curtailment of internet freedoms in Britain is likely.

A Coup D'état Against the British Prime Minister David Cameron?

One possibility which ought to be considered, especially in light of the recent revelations involving the very pro-David Cameron NewsCorp, is whether or not there is an attempt to depose Britain's prime minister who during a recent speech in Ankara, Turkey described Gaza as a "prison camp".

Cameron stated:
"Let me be clear. The Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla was completely unacceptable. And I have told PM Netanyahu, we will expect the Israeli inquiry to be swift, transparent and rigorous.

Let me also be clear that the situation in Gaza has to change. Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp."

It is possible that the Zionist faction of the bourgeoisie is staging a silent coup d'état against the British prime minister in order to install the more compliant Labour Party, who were the reliable pro-Zionist political faction which deployed the British military to fight Israel's colonial battle for Iraq in 2003.

Is Britian Engulfed In Political Espionage?
These riots emerged to coincide with David Cameron's summer vacation which allowed his critics to argue that he was neglecting Britain in its hour of need.

In recent history there have been multiple calls for the British prime minister to resign from office after his complicity with NewsCorp crooks was revealed. Thus, with the unfolding Murdoch-scandal in the UK and with the degeneration of Britain into chaos and carnage, Cameron's competence as prime minister will increasingly be brought into question.

If the Labour Party gets elected in the next election, the British prime minister will be Ed Miliband (who I have given the benefit of doubt before). His brother, David Miliband MP, who will undoubtedly be a cabinet minister in any Labour government, was until recently listed on an Israeli government site as an "Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) author" along with Zionist war propagandists Christopher Hitchens and David Aaronovitch.