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An extra damp spring has given a boost to the foliage throughout Central New York, but in some places the explosion of growth has gone unchecked. For example, the State is allowing much of the grass along highways to grow out of control.

"A lot of the interstates haven't been done and that's very noticeable," said NY Department of Transportation representative Gene Cilento.

For a second year in a row, the DOT is restricting mowing because of the budget. That means the weeds will grow untamed nearly all summer long, except for a few select locations.

"Some locations where you go, you'll see six-foot high grass," Cilento said. "But right now, in front of signs and right around intersections, it's cut down to near ground level."

The selective mowing will also be used around on and off ramps too. Due to concerns over safe sight distance, those are among the few places that will get attention from the state.

Wherever the weeds don't pose a safety hazard, they'll be allowed to grow unchecked for a long while.

"We usually try to get in one mowing pass per year on all the highways," Cilento said.

Onondaga County is also limiting its grass cutting around certain facilities due to an environmental program.

If any of the uncut grass does cause a sight problem, the state wants to know about it. You can give them a call at 428-4351.

Source: WSYR-TV