The case involves child pornography, a Weirton man and false e-mails from a West Virginia State Police trooper.

The case started back in April 2011, when the West Virginia State Police executed a search warrant against Sean Price, 34, of Weirton for allegedly possessing child pornography.

Officers seized three one-terabyte hard drives from Price's home on Washington Street. Investigators are now waiting for the final report from the State Police Forensic Lab for any illegal items on the hard drives seized from Price's home.

However, in a bizarre connection to this case, a false e-mail account was created in the name of a West Virginia State Trooper, involved in the initial search.

United States Attorney William Ihlenfeld said that someone created a false e-mail account using the name of a state trooper and sent three separate e-mails to 37 people in both law enforcement and the media, each containing 17 images depicting child pornography.

In another strange turn of events, the same State Trooper received a three-page e-mail, including sections that say quote: "Through introspection and communal reflections we have been made to remember others who were innocently victimized by people in positions in authority." The statement was followed by another saying quote: "To sit by and let the legacies of these brave and honorable men dwindle and die is something we cannot allow. It is in their memory and the memories of all our other fallen and incarcerated comrades that we now rise up, announce our presence, and attack this nation with the same hatred and violence they have constantly attacked us with."

On June 18th, the trooper learned that Price allegedly placed the term "RaHoWa1488," the same name used in the Hotmail account on the back window of his pickup truck.

Ihlenfeld stresses that investigators are not sure if the two cases are linked and are still looking into that possibility.

He confirms that the trooper who executed the search warrant in Price's home is the same trooper that received the three-page long e-mail and had a G-Mail account falsely established in his name.

No charges have been filed in the case so far. Investigators with the FBI are working to get the results of the April search warrant back before moving forward.

Source: West Virginia Media