Tampa - An extra-marital affair can tear a family apart. In Palm Harbor, relationship coach Diana Journy says she's not surprised by the revelation that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver, a former broadcast journalist.

"I think it's an epidemic, actually. I think it's huge," Journy said. "We see it all the time. We talk to people daily. Daily."

Journy and her husband Tim Journy counsel couples dealing with infidelity. They've been there. In 2007, 31 years after they said "I do", Tim had an affair. There was no child, but Diana felt just as betrayed.

Shortly after the affair, the Journys traveled all the way to Vancouver, Canada for a three-day healing seminar. There, they met Anne and Brian Bercht, directors of the International Beyond Affairs Network, which was holding the seminar.

FOX 13 spoke to the Berchts by Skype. The couple continued their marriage and accepted leadership positions at the Network, after Brian had an affair.

Anne and Brian say they feel badly for Schwarzenegger and Shriver.

"In my work, I see this all the time. Unfortunately, with men in power, there often is that sense of entitlement," said Anne. "I'm really very sad for both of them."

The Berchts say every day, they hear from couples dealing with the revelation of a child outside of the marriage. They believe even a 10-year secret like Schwarzenegger's can be worked through.

"Upwards of 80 plus percent of our clients that we get to work with are succeeding in their relationship," said Brian.

Diana Journy consulted with a divorce attorney, but in the end, she and Tim put their marriage back together. Now, they hold Passionate Life Seminars in their own home and Diana says, in spite of everything, she wouldn't change a thing.

"If someone said to me 'Diana, I can take the affair out of your life and you can go back to where you were.' I would say no, I don't want to go back," she told FOX 13.

The Beyond Affairs Network says they've helped about 1,000 couples restore their marriages after infidelity.