A 911 call released by Florida police reveals how a toddler allegedly shot and killed his mother when he picked up a loaded gun, wsvn.com reports.

According to Miramar Police, Troy Bailey Sr. called 911 late Wednesday and said that his 2-year-old son grabbed his gun and shot his mother, 33-year-old Julia Bennett.

"Oh God, I can't believe this," Bailey is heard saying on the recording. "He shot his mom. God in heaven, help me please."

When the 911 operator asked who shot Bennet, Bailey Sr. said, "I was taking the gun from him. I was trying to take it from him...from my son, from my son. He's right here."

Bailey Sr. goes on to say how he tried to take the gun from Troy Bailey Jr. when it went off.

"Jesus Christ, God. Why did you put my son in this spot?" he said over the phone. "Oh, God, no. He's my life. I've never gone through something like this."

Miramar Police investigators say the child's father told them he left the .9 mm Glock semi-automatic, for which he has a concealed weapons permit, in the reach of the child who some how got a hold of the gun.

A judge has placed Bailey Jr. in the care of one of his maternal aunts and maternal great-grandmother. His father is not allowed contact with Bennet's family without state permission.

At the custody hearing last week, the child's advocate said the Broward Sheriff's Office was not able to locate the father in order to notify him about the hearing. At the dependency court hearing, Lisa Glick of Children's Legal Services, said, "BSO has been unable to reach the father at this time and does not currently know where he his."

Miramar Police, however, insisted Bailey Sr. was never missing and is cooperating with the investigation, which remains on-going.

Bailey Sr. was initially questioned by police at the scene but has not been charged. At minimum, he could be charged with negligence for leaving the gun in the boy's reach.