Notes from a Facebook buddy:

This young woman, Jennifer Rexford, BP-hired oil cleanup worker, is documenting her illness from the toxins in the gulf with her video camera. If you think it's just headaches or something like that, watch this. Severe neurological damage. Doctors and hospitals refuse to acknowledge this with anyone there who's sick. And there are apparently tens of thousands now.

Paul Doomm is mentioned twice in this video. He is a 22 year old who swam in and ate from the Gulf all summer, against his grandmother's advice. He has been hospitalized after seeing 94 doctors who don't know what to do for him. His blood had the highest amount of PAH's ever documented.

In this 2/21/11 video, Jennifer's eye is swollen shut. She shows the results of a blood workup for Gulf chemicals and she is loaded with them. She also shows her hospital record, where she was diagnosed for stroke. The hospitals will not admit people are sick and dying from the chemicals in the gulf.