© The Canadian Press/Larry MacDougal A police line holds back white supremacist during a white power rally in downtown Calgary on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Police kept them apart from another group holding an anti-racist demonstration nearby.

There was plenty of anger but no violent confrontation after a moving cordon of police kept neo-Nazi and anti-racist groups apart at parallel rallies in downtown Calgary on Saturday.

About 200 members of Anti-Racist Action Calgary gathered at Calgary city hall after word that the neo-Nazi group, Blood of Honour, was planning a march.

"We're here to celebrate our diversity - the things that make us the same and different at the same time. We're also here to protest racism, discrimination in its different forms and most explicitly in this case the violent neo-Nazi gangs that exist within our city," said Jason Devine, a spokesman for ARA Calgary.

But the 16 members of Blood of Honour, chanting "White Pride Worldwide" found their paths blocked by Calgary Police officers, including riot squad members, who cordoned off several streets in the downtown.

"Charge me. Arrest me. It would be false imprisonment. Just do it," shouted one of the Blood of Honour group to a police officer.

"You're obstructing my path while displaying a weapon."

"We should be at city hall, not them," jeered another.

A similar barricade of officers prevented members of the anti-racist group from proceeding as well, meaning the two groups could see each other a block away but their interactive was limited to chants and catcalls.

"A couple of years ago things went sideways," said one unidentified police officer.

"We're making sure that doesn't happen again."

Despite repeated efforts by both sides, including moving up and down the barricade street by street, the groups were met by a solid wall of police officers. A number of protesters on both sides were wearing balaclavas and refused to give their identities.

One individual, from the anti-racist group, was arrested when he was observed by officers concealing what were believed to be potential weapons. He was immediately put in the back of a van and charges are pending.