© CptnDerp,'Fight your inner demons'
4 billion years of evolution is not easily overcome, but human history is littered with examples of individuals who said, "No", to their inner ape, their instincts. It can be done. The trick is to SEE it first. Then you can resist.

If you want to punch someone in the face for knocking your beer over, thy name be Trevor. If you want to punch someone because you're bored, you may as well wear a monkey suit. If you believe all the priest says and don't wanna think for yourself, it's not a coincidence that Trevor feels the same. If your heart is broken and you want your abusive ex-boyfriend or abusive ex-girlfriend back, that's Trevor messing with you.

He'll do anything, torture you if necessary, to get you to multiply (doesn't feel like that's what's going on, but Trevor's clever like that). The first step to easing a problem is admitting there IS a problem. And it's name is often "Trevor".

A comment that sums up what I was trying to say in just a few words.
"The more I learn, the more I think and reason, the weaker Trevor becomes. You can't kill Trevor, but you can become your own master."

¬ macnutz