Investigations are underway into the cause of a fish kill in Jervis Bay. About 70 different species have been washed up on the shore line around Honeymoon Bay and Bindijine. Among the kill were groper, flathead, stingrays and sea horses. Samples of the dead fish have been taken away for testing. The incident has experts mystified, because many fish kills often effect only a few species, while on this occasion the deaths are across the board.


A sleepy little coast bay town of Jervis Bay was rocked by lots of dead and dying fish washing up on shore.

I was driving down the coast and heard this interview on a little radio station where the guy had phoned in and tell the radio station about what he was looking at, literally hundreds of dead and dying fish, some still moving seemingly trying to get out of the water, the witness on the radio saying it's almost like they were trying to escape something or trying to get out of the water for oxygen.