qld flood
© RACQ Central Queensland Rescue helicopter crew

As water creeps into Brisbane suburbs, there is no panic as residents evacuate.

Yesterday, as it became clear Brisbane and Ipswich were in for an historic flood, Premier Anna Bligh called on the people to band together.

In the Brisbane suburb of Rosalie those words have been a rallying call as muddy waters flood people's homes and businesses.

The cafe precinct has been described as Little Venice, with the sandbagging only going so far to protect shops.

This morning strangers walking past joined business owners in forming human chains in the floodwaters to frantically get food and stock out of the area.

But police stopped the rescue effort after the Brisbane River again broke its banks at Coronation Drive, sending a surge of water towards the area.

From 4:00am residents in Blaxland Street, Paddington, have been helping neighbours move their belongings to higher ground.

Now what is left is piled high on front verandas as the water rises by the minute.

Strangers walking by have stopped to lend a hand and offer the use of trucks and friends' houses.

Nicole Byrne and Troy Fowler are getting out of their home on Blaxland Street.

Mr Fowler says they were told that in 1974 most houses in the street went under, and although their home is high-set they do not want to take the chance.

"Some people say it might not come this far, but you can't risk it," he said.

Ms Byrne says they have had two hours' sleep since yesterday, when they began helping neighbours move out.

"It's funny we hadn't met some of the people in the street down further until last night and they've all come up and helped, we were helping," she said.

"There's an 81-year-old lady that lives in that house that had to get out. We've got all her walking frames."

Mr Fowler says it is heartening to see people sticking together in the crisis.

"People have been fantastic, just random people walking past offering assistance, saying 'do you guys need a hand?'," he said.

"We've had a few offers this morning as well which has been great."

As he watches the water spill out of stormwater drains and rise in the street, Mr Fowler says he hopes they won't go under this time.