dr. kelly
© PAIf any new inquest returned an open verdict it could trigger a fresh police investigation into Dr Kelly's death.
Conspiracy theorists believe that Dr David Kelly, who was found dead after being identified as the leak who criticised the claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could be fired in 45 minutes, did not kill himself. Here are some of their key questions.
  • Why did the detective who found Dr Kelly's body not tell the Hutton Inquiry that there was a third man in a suit with him and his partner when the body was discovered?
  • How did Dr Kelly cut his left wrist if, as friends said, he had previously damaged his right arm to such a degree that he struggled cutting steak?
  • Why was the ulnar artery severed rather than the radial, which is how the cut would "naturally" have been made, from left to right, with the right hand?

  • Why were there no fingerprints on the knife when Dr Kelly was not wearing gloves? Nor on the bottle from which he supposedly drank to swallow 29 painkillers?
  • Why did the helicopter which passed over the scene with heat-seeking equipment not detect the body soon after death?
  • Why was his body said to be in a different position from when it was first found to when it was first treated?
  • Why did the head of the investigation into Dr Kelly's death not give evidence to Hutton?
  • Where are Dr Kelly's computers?
  • Why did Lord Hutton place a 70-year embargo on release of the post-mortem examination documents?