© Murray SandersHere we've amassed the average amount of typical snacks, fast food and treats eaten by children between the ages of four and ten in just one year. Scroll down for a breakdown of each food category
This shocking picture, with its piles of oven chips, mini rolls and tubs of ice cream, represents just how much junk food one child in the UK consumes in a year.

It is perhaps unsurprising then that today's children have been labeled the 'junk food generation', with a third of youngsters aged five to 13 already considered obese.

Despite this, the Conservatives have decided to axe the watchdog that was set up a decade ago to regulate the junk-food companies.

The Food Standards Agency was set up in 2000 to hold food firms to account after a series of scandals in which people had died from food-borne illnesses such as e.coli and CJD.

But today Health Secretary Andrew Lansley will unveil a long-awaited white paper containing plans to abolish it as part of a 'bonfire of quangos'.

The decision to reduce regulation on food companies will enrage doctors who only this weekend called on ministers to impose 'fat taxes' on unhealthy food - and cigarette-style warnings to children about the dangers of a poor diet.

The Health Secretary was accused of being 'taken to the cleaners' by food companies after announcing plans to ditch tough controls on salt, sugar and fat content - if producers agree to fund healthy eating campaigns.

Junk-food companies admitted they had not yet been asked to provide any money.

Mr Lansley defended the plans, saying the closure of health bodies would save £1billion a year in bureaucracy costs.

So while the political debate rages, just what ARE British children eating?

The Food Standards Agency and the 2009 National Diet and Nutrition Survey have calculated the amount of junk that children consume per year - and it makes worrying reading.

Below, we break down the intake for each food category. While many items are acceptable if eaten in moderation, in bulk they can cause long-term health problems...

Breakdown of the Bulge

Biscuits: The average British child eats 5,840g a year

Equal to: 47 packs of biscuits Fat: 13.9g per 100g = 812g fat per year Sugars: 42.5g per 100g = 2,482g sugar per year Calories: 454 per 100g 26,514 calories per year

Buns, cakes and pastries: The average child eats 8,030g a year

Equal to: 54 packs of Cadbury Mini Rolls Fat: 22.7g per 100g = 1,823g per year Sugars: 45.3g per 100g = 3,638g per year Calories: 450 per 100g 36,135 calories per year

Cheese: The average child eats 4,380g a year

Equal to: 256 cream cheese triangles Fat: 19.5g per 100g = 854g per year Sugars: 5.3g per 100g = 232g per year Calories: 240 per 100g 10,512 calories per year

Ice Cream: The average child eats 5,840g a year

Equal to: 6 tubs Fat: 4g per 100ml = 264g per year Sugars: 9.9g per 100ml = 654g per year Calories: 85 per 100ml 5,616 calories per year

Butter: The average child eats 730g a year

Equal to: 3 blocks of butter Fat: 80.9g per 100g = 591g per year Sugars: 0.6g per 100g = 4.4g per year Calories: 734 per 100g 5,358g per year

Bacon and ham: The average child eats 3,285g a year

Equal to: 14 packs of bacon Fat: 19.8g per 100g = 650g per year Sugars: 0g Calories: 245 per 100g 8,048 per year 8,048 calories per year

Coated chicken: The average child eats 3,650g a year

Equal to: 13 bags breaded dinosaurs Fat: 17.8g per 100g = 650g per year Sugars: 1.7g per 100g = 62g per year Calories: 280 per 100g 10,220 calories a year

Burgers and kebabs: The average child eats 1,825g a year

Equal to: 17 hamburgers Fat: 8g per 100g = 146g per year Sugars: 6g per 100g = 110g per year Calories: 250 per burger 4,563 calories a year

Milk When eating out, whole milk is often used in cafes and restaurants. The average child drinks 68,225g a year

Whole milk: Fat: 3.6g per 100ml = 2,916g per year Sugars: 4.7g per 100ml = 3,807g per year Calories: 64 per 100ml = 51,840 cals per year

Semi-skimmed: Fat: 1.6g per 100ml = 1,296g per year Sugars: 5g per 100ml = 4,050g per year Calories: 48 per 100ml = 38,880 cals per year

Skimmed: Fat: 0.1g per 100ml = 8.1g per year Sugars: 5g per 100ml = 4,050g per year Calories: 34 per 100ml 27,540 calories per year

Sausages: The average child eats 5,840g a year

Equal to: 600 cocktail sausages Fat: 19.5g per 100g = 1,139g per year Sugars: 1.2g per 100g = 70g per year Calories: 275 per 100g 16,060 calories per year

Meat pies: The average child eats 2,920g a year

Equal to: 14 steak and kidney pies Fat: 10g per 100g = 292g per year Sugars: 0.2g per 100g = 6g per year Calories: 165 per 100g 4,818 calories per year

Fish, coated or fried: The average child eats 3,650g a year

Equal to: 130 fish fingers Fat: 8.2g per 100g = 299g per year Sugars: 1.1g per 100g = 40g per year Calories: 188 per 100g 6,862 calories per year

Chips and roast potatoes: The average child eats 14,965g a year

Equal to: 8 bags of oven chips Fat: 5.4g per 100g = 808g per year Sugars: 0.8g per 100g = 120g per year Calories: 163 per 100g 24,393 calories per year

Sugar: (including Jams) The average child eats 1,825g a year

Equal to: 3.5 bags of sugar Fat: 0g Calories: 400 per 100g 7,300 calories per year Sugar confectionery The average child eats 4,015g a year Equal to: 21 bags of jelly sweets Fat: 0.2g per 100g = 8g per year Sugars: 63.4g per 100g = 2,546g per year Calories: 334 per 100g 13,410 calories per year

Chocolate: The average child eats 3,285g a year

Equal to: 52 chocolate bars Fat: 17.4 per 100g = 572g per year Sugars: 59g per 100g = 1,938g per year Calories: 446 per 100g 14,651 calories per year fruit

Juice: The average child drinks 31,390g a year

Equal to: 32 litres Fat: 0g Sugars: 10.4g per 100ml = 3,328g per year Calories: 46 per 100ml 14,720 calories per year Soft drinks (not diet) The average child drinks 54,385g a year Equal to: 55 litres Fat: 0g Sugars: 10.6g per 100ml = 5,830g per year Calories: 41 per 100ml 22,550 calories per year

Breakfast cereals: (not wholegrain or high fibre) The average child eats 3,650g a year

Equal to: 7 boxes Fat: 2.5g per 100g = 91.25g per year Sugars: 35g per 100g = 1,278g per year Calories: 387 per 100g 14,126 calories per year

Wholewheat and high fiber cereals: The average child eats 6,570g a year

Equal to: 13 boxes Fat: 2g per 100g = 131g per year Sugars: 22g per 100g = 1,445g per year Calories: 324 per 100g 21,287 calories per year