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Edward Khil's song 'trololo' could become the new name for 'trillion'
A leading figure from the World Bank has called on the U.S. government to change the financial terminology used to report US National Debt, in order to cover-up just how large it really is.

Hans Timmer, who has a high-profile role as director of the bank's Take Over the World Group, said U.S. economic problems could be solved by a change in the name of Trillions to something more confusing and light-hearted to counter the increasing numbers of citizens who are waking up to the fact just how huge 14 Trillion dollars of debt actually is.

"The word Trillions used to be so unfathomably large to people that they really didn't understand just how close the US is to total financial collapse and hyperinflation. " he said. "But more and more people are understanding that trillions means it just isn't ever going to get paid off. By giving it a new name like 'trololo" it will make 14 trololo's of debt sound much less threatening."

The name "trololo" is an onomatopoeia of the distinctive way Edward Khil vocalized throughout his 1976 version of a song that became an internet sensation when it was uploaded onto YouTube in 2009.

Timmer's remarks are likely to be seriously considered by the Obama administration, who is desperately looking at ways of masking the piling up of US National debt to an alarming level since it took office.

The economist, who like many other 'experts' is a key figure in using confusing terminology to hide just how corrupt the capitalist financial system is, added that greater effort was required to hide from the American public the extent to which they have been screwed by the nationalization of the Banks toxic assets that they will ultimately have to pay through the stealthy effect of rapidly increasing loss of purchasing power.

"More Americans than ever are waking up to the fact that the paper dollars they have in their hands buy them much less than ever before, they see exorbitant bank bonuses are being paid and are realizing it is their taxes that are paying them."

Timmer made his comments as part of a lecture he was giving to the IMF bank.

"We are part of the small group of people on the planet who understand the simple fact that if you control the currency you control everything. Rothschild understood it, when he said "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws." Alexander Hamilton understood it. JP Morgan understood it, Rockefeller understood it, Soros understands it, Kissinger understands it, when he said."If you control the oil you control the country, if you control food you control the population." The last thing we want is for the general public to know who is really in control, but they love the song 'trololo' and that should keep the wool over their eyes a little longer while we continue to raid their piggy banks."