Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan Meteor Lights Sky!

I just received a report of a fireball sighting over Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan seen at approximately 8:28pm;
"... (we) were driving near our apartment, and we saw a bright flash of light in the sky ahead of us. We are not sure what was it, but it is possible that it was a bolide. It looked like a very bright falling star.

Time: around 20:28 Japan local time
Place of observation: on Route 296, Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Pref.
Latitude: ca. 36°10'30"N
Longitude: ca. 139°59'30"E

We were heading south-southeast on Route 296, and the light fell sightly eastwards,
low in the sky."
Thank you to the observers that saw this event and quickly contacted me.

If anyone in Japan has information about this event please kindly contact me.
Thank you. drtanuki@gmail.com