This is the first major, in depth review of the published scientific literature on the nutritional benefits of organic food completed since 2003.

Over 40 new studies have come out since the last review was carried out -- studies that dramatically improve our ability to answer a basic question -- are organic foods generally more nutritious than conventional foods?

The two-year project leading to this report required the creation of a large Access database including the results of nearly 100 studies, and development of methods to identify those studies that were both well-designed and carefully conducted.

With the benefit of this research tool, which the Center will continuously update and apply in future studies, we can now offer clear cut answers to important, common questions about the nutritional superiority of organic food.

The full report, executive summary, and supplemental information are available here (PDF) and may be reproduced and used for educational purposes, with appropriate attribution.

We are also pleased to offer the Executive Summary in Spanish (PDF). Thanks to co-author Jaime Yanez for the translation.

The study's authors include Charles Benbrook, Xin Zhao, Jaime Yanez, Neal Davies,
Preston Andrews. More information about the co-authors here (PDF)