Venezuelan deputy Adel El Zabayar revealed Thursday the implication of Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) in the perpetrated coup d'état last Sunday against Honduran constitutional President Manuel Zelaya.

Two weeks before the action Israeli diplomacy was active among representatives of the opposition in Honduras, mainly the sector represented by facto ruler, Roberto Micheletti, stated the Venezuelan deputy in an interview with Prensa Latina.

"The Embassy of Israel was the scene of intense diplomatic movement with important representatives of the opposition, including Micheletti," he emphasized.

El Zabayar expressed that the financing given from the Israeli and US governments toward some high military commands before the arrival of Zelaya and later, represents a factor that brings a high level of suspicion as to their involvement.

He put forward the idea that Honduras is just a "rehearsal" for other countries in the region, and "that test would be developed to be applied in the future in cases like Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other countries."

The deputy informed that the Arab community vigorously rejects the actions against Honduras and based on their experiences in the Middle East are alert for situations like that which happened in Honduras.