In April, around two weeks ago, a number of farmers working in fields noticed what they thought was a helicopter crashing to earth in the Gyeongsang Province of South Korea. The witnesses noticed flames and smoke coming from the ground after the impact.

A team of rescue helicopters along with the police and emergency services soon began a thorough search of the area which lasted for over three hours but failed to locate any crashed vehicle. Around 130 personnel were involved in the search.

As no wreckage was located the point of impact local authorities speculated that the object might have been a small meteorite or a UFO.

South Korean UFO researchers are noting the anomaly whereby the witnesses believed they saw a technological vehicle descending to earth and yet nothing was found in the locale. Many are speculating that this might have been an alien craft buzzing the area whose energy field interacted with the ground nearby with explosive results.

We thank Matthew Seng for this story and his comments.

Source: Morning News (South Korea)