I received a call from Ming, who is very fascinated with my UFO articles. She explains to me over the phone, that she has a very interesting UFO story. A story about a UFO abduction. An abduction that she witnessed. An abduction that haunts her. An abduction in which she was not taken, but her girlfriend Li Zhao (not her real name) was taken in the fields of China.

Ming caught my interest and I agreed to meet her at a location in Davis. Ming explains to me that in May of 1999, she was outside of Wulumuqi with her girlfriend Li Zhao.

As Li and Ming were walking through some open fields, they noticed that the Cumulus clouds seem to open up. From the clouds a very bright disc descended upon them. Both Li and Ming collapsed as the disc came closer. In a few minutes Ming awakened and she found herself alone in the field but Li was nowhere to be found.

As I was sipping my white chocolate café mocha, I almost dropped it into my lap. I asked Ming, "is there anyway I could talk to Li?" Ming said that she would call her, but I must leave her name out of my article. I agreed. Ming on her cell phone dials up Li.

This is my telephonic conversation with Li.

Paul: Hi Li, I am sitting here with Ming and she tells me that you were possibly abducted, is this true?

Li: Paul, please keep my name out of the article, okay?

Paul: I promise, can you explain to me what happened?

Li: In a series of dreams, I remember being taken aboard a strange craft. Around me were light bluish colored creatures with dark black oval eyes. The dreams have stopped and I know exactly what happened to me.

Paul: What happened?

Li: I was shown a series of light images that would appear in the air, inside the ship. I saw chaos and destruction. The light images seemed to display an impact from some kind of meteorite or maybe a comet. There were high waters covering cities, there were buildings collapsing, fires everywhere. The largest alien pointed to the light images and wanted me to focus on the images.

Paul: Do you believe that your abductors were trying to show you the end of the world?

Li: I don't know if it was the end of the world, but I could see people running in the street. Everyone looked scared. After they showed me the light images, I was taken back into a room filled with lights. As my eyes became focused I could see the tall alien with oval eyes talking with two men dressed in black, with black caps on. There was some sort of insignia on their uniforms, but I could not make out the writing or drawing.

Paul: Did the men in black look human?

Li: Yes, they look American, one had olive complexion, the other was white.

Paul: Could you hear what they were talking about?

Li: No, but one of the men in black looked at me with piercing eyes, he was not smiling. When he looked at me, I felt nauseated. I think I fainted. When I opened my eyes, I was back in the field again with Ming. Ming looked like she was passed out in the field. She was laying there asleep.

Paul: Ming...how is it that you were out again?

Sunny: I actually passed out once when Li was taken and passed out again. When I awoke, Li was back.

Paul: Ming, do you have any strange dreams?

Ming: No.

Paul: Li, was Ming on the craft too?

Li: I do not remember seeing Ming on the craft.

Paul: Why would they take you and not Ming?

Li: I have no idea, but I was once told by my mother that she had seen 3 UFOs in her lifetime. Maybe they have been visiting my mother and now they visit me. I really can't say.

Paul: Is there anything more you wish to say Li?

Li: No, I just wanted to put my story out there. Thank you for your time.

Paul: Not a problem, it was a pleasure talking with you.

Cell phone disconnected. Interview ended.

Special Note: When I interviewed Ming, she was going to allow me to use her real name for the article, giving credibility and substance to this article. At the last moment Ming called me and asked for me not to use her real name, nor can I display her picture with this article. Ming Chan is a fictional name.