The soft tyranny of utopia continues... Imaginary heroes fighting imaginary demons, yet affecting other peoples' lives as they do.

The length of the solar cycle continues to grow. Let me clue the energy czar in on something he might want to look at besides whatever it is he believes now. Within 20 years, the climate of Scotland can be into London and Scotland more like Scandinavia. This can happen a lot quicker than man's imaginary effect on the planet that he fears. How so?

The solar max is in 5 years, yet there has been no rebound from the min yet. As this cycle grows longer, it is becoming more apparent the Russian scientists are right about their solar theories as they were predicting it to happen as we see it. They also said because of this we will be in a mini ice age, much like back in the 1700s by around 2030. The U.K. energy czar, refusing to look at history, probably has no clue about this, nor would he even listen to the idea that solar cycles have affects on climate, something the commoner must know since it's warmer when the sun is up than when it's down.

But here is the problem, decreased solar radiation leads to more cosmic dust, which in turn has an effect of increasing the speed of the Earth's rotation, creating a negative global atmospheric angular momentum. Take a look at what is going on with that. Notice how negative it has been during this time of reduced radiation.

Comment: Joe's blog post is in response to reading this article:

UK environment czar looking at limiting holiday trips to save CO2

© CDC. NOAAVertical and Zonal integral of Relative Atmospheric Angular Momentum
The increased speed of rotation forces cooling at the poles, but there is something else that happens. Chances are this creates an increased stress on the earth, meaning more volcanic activity.

What is setting up here is the threat of the triple crown of cooling:
  1. Natural cyclical reversal
  2. Solar radiation reduction
  3. Increased volcanic activity
What is absolutely threatening to warming is as who feels their religion is threatened by such blasphemy is when you bring up that this is precisely what sent us into cold periods before! And here it is at our doorstep again. Yet all we hear is CO2, CO2. The failure to understand that CO2 is the equal of the tile floor on a 100-story building, a failure born of a desire to save the planet and make ones ownself feel good, blinds people to even looking at this.

The Barbarian may indeed be at the gate, but he is coming with ice, not fire.

The Environment Czar of England would do well to study previous cold cycles of the planet, study the literature on this out of the east which came at us back in the '90s, so some of us have been waiting for this, and then open his mind to the very real possibility that there is enough doubt about this to not have him limit people's freedom over a ghost he obviously does not know all the facts about.

In the meantime, the cold Euro winter continues, unforecast by any of the U.K. models that are worshipped as gods that must be obeyed, even as nature laughs derisively at the foolishness of such things.

My suggestion is the British Energy Czar should have a danish with his Coffee.. in this case, a Danish Study on the matter, Solar Activity and Climate.

Here is the conclusion of the paper:
70 to 90 year oscillations in global mean temperature are correlated with corresponding oscillations in solar activity. Whereas the solar influence is obvious in the data from the last four centuries, signatures of human activity are not yet distinguishable in the observations.
Maybe he would see why heretics like me are concerned about the lengthening solar cycles and the climatic implications. Of course confronting people with such facts only make them mad, rather than have them examine their own ideas. But at least you can read it.