Just when you thought it was safe to assume that everyone had pretty much accepted climate change and moved on, here comes rogue NBC 4 chief meteorologist Jym Ganahl to blow your freaking mind.

"Just wait 5 or 10 years, and it will be very obvious. They'll have egg on their faces," Ganahl said this week of global warming advocates.

The "global warming hoax" is an obvious fallacy, Ganahl said in a YouTube video posted Jan. 23.

In the video, taped at a meet-up of the Ohio Freedom Alliance, Ganahl chats with Dave, the self-proclaimed No. 1 biker talk show host on radio, and - still odder - Robert Wagner, a former candidate for the 15th congressional district.

Although global warming is clearly "a fallacy," Ganahl told the dudes, "It is remarkable how many people are being led like sheep in the wrong direction."

Evoking Orwellian mind-control power of the media, Ganahl said it's remarkable how easy it is to panic the unwashed masses.

Ganahl, seen here with what appears to be some sort of glacier,
© unknown
Be afraid of the sun, not carbon: Ganahl, seen here with what appears to be some sort of glacier, doesn't buy the hype
Ganahl continued to evangelize offline this week.

Sunspots - and not carbon emissions - are to blame for the slow warming of the globe, Ganahl said. "It has nothing to do with us."

"When there are sunspots, like freckles on the sun - dark spots - these are like turning on a furnace and the earth warms. When there are no sunspots, it is like the furnace is in standby and the earth cools.

Ganahl doesn't deny that we're getting warmer--he says we've been in a warming trend since 1850. But he doesn't think that's something to complain about.

"I have always thought we should celebrate and be thankful we live in a time when it is warmer, not curse it," Ganahl said. "It allows us to grow food and feed the population - and the warming is slow and we can adapt to it."

Cold, on the other hand, is to blame for a whole host of worldly disasters, including death of the Aztecs, the Vikings, and who knew? - the bubonic plague.

"Instead of screaming global warming, we should be preaching global cooling," he said.

But with a new president who apparently buys into the whole carbon emission demonizing scam, Ganahl said, "It's very scary," and admittedly "very difficult," to fight the mob mentality.

"Carbon dioxide is what we, as people, exhale. Enough said. Unless you eliminate people, you have it. It's food for the plants and trees," he said.

Our local Al Gore antithesis risked his career on his wild weather heresy - sort of.

Back in 2007, the take-no-prisoners field of meteorology was split over the issue of climate change. Prominent Weather Channel meteorologist Heidi Cullen called for those who deny the so-called truth about global warming to be stripped of their American Meteorological Society credentials.

Ganahl, who just celebrated 30 years at NBC, became the youngest person to be granted the AMS Seal of Approval, by the way, back in 1970.

Cullen's call has thus far gone unheeded, but it stirred up a mini-schism among TV weather types.

"Meteorologists are among the few people trained in the sciences who are permitted regular access to our living rooms," Cullen said in a column written for the Weather Channel.

"And in that sense, they owe it to their audience to distinguish between solid, peer-reviewed science and junk political controversy."

Ganahl says he has kept his anti-global warming propaganda out of your living room, but he is prepared to sell on sunspots, and their relation to warming cycles, if you ever ask.

Asked if he's worried that he'll take a hit among the sheep for his climate thinking, he said he's not concerned.

"Just tell them to wait five or 10 years, and I'll have history to back me up."