Seattle -- They say timing is everything. Boy, were we lucky.

Our Queen Anne Tower camera just happened to be rolling on air during KOMO 4 News at 5 a.m. and captured a meteor fireball streaking across the Seattle sky.

Just as anchor Mike Dardis was welcoming viewers back form a commercial break at 5:15, there went the shooting star right on cue.

It's at least the second time this month a meteor has streaked across the sky. We also received several reports of a fireball on the evening of November 13th.

The streak could be related to the Taurid Meteor Shower, which spans several weeks in the autumn. Astronomers report this year's shower has had several fireball sightings.

Meteor streaks across the Seattle skies, captured on KOMO 4 News' Queen Anne Tower cam during the 5 a.m. newscast, November 27, 2008.