A man has emailed the wigantoday newsroom asking if anyone else saw a bizarre Unidentified Flaming Object in Shevington last night.

His email in full reads ...
Hi ... Did anyone else in the Shevington area/Shevington Moor area see the fire ball above Shevington High? I live opposite the playing fields on Parkbrook Lane. At about 9pm last night my daughter and I witnessed what looked like a giant firework/rocket flying several hundred feet on a horizontal path towards Elnup Woods.
It was a only a matter of several seconds and disappeared or broke up before the woods. It was twice the speed of a firework and had a trailing flame behind it.
This is not a wind up, other people in the area must have seen it.

Frank Welch
If you saw the object add your comments below ...

A reader responds:
Chorley 23/09/2008 15:08:23

I was on the M60 approaching Chorley and saw the object. I noticed a star-like object moving quickly across the sky and pointed it out to my girlfriend.

As we watched, it grew brighter and picked up speed, and then a white tail appeared behind it. The object continued to get brighter and the tail turned orange, and then it started to break up. In my opinion it was a small meteorite, because it looked as if it burned up as it was entering the Earths atmosphere.

It was an amazing sight, and I nearly drove straight into the back of someone because I was so engrossed by it.