A Bahraini woman has given birth to sextuplets, three boys and three girls, national media reported on Tuesday.

The sextuplets, weighing between 460 and 650 grams, are reportedly in a "stable and good condition." They were delivered on Sunday by caesarean section, with 35 minutes between the first and last baby.

Their mother, a 35-year-old teacher, already has a five-year-old daughter. She was reportedly "shocked" when she found out about the six new additions to her family.

The babies were delivered after a 25-week pregnancy. The doctor, Amal Hassani, said the children had "a very high chance of developing complications, like breathing problems and heart conditions."

The sextuplets are the second such reported case in Bahrain, where six babies, four boys and two girls, were delivered by caesarean section in 2001.