MIG21 hit by UFO
The MIG 21 airplane that was allegedly hit by an UFO

The Romanian military has announced that their airplane was hit by an Unidentified Flying Object on October 30th last year. The aircraft camera captured 4 Unidentified Flying Objects which could not be made out on video due to the speed and due to the impact. The MIG 21 Pilot announced that he and another airplane were doing a routine exercise 6km away from Gherla, Romania when this object came from under the clouds and hit his airplane. The object which hit the plane at an altitude of 6300 metres was inititally thought to be a bird. The idea that was later ruled out as it was thought to be highly unlikely that a bird would cause such damage to the military plane.

The mystery was to increase along with the investigation of the case, led by Lt. Nicholas Comandorul Grigorie, himself a MIG pilot and graduate of the French Institute for Security Aeronavelor, therefore one of the Air Force specialists to investigate such incidents. The Officer reported that all assumptions that could provide a scientific explanation of chance were cancelled.

First to have been excluded are natural causes: the device has not been hit by a bird (in Romania because the birds not to fly at the height of 6,500 meters, and nowhere on the body of the plane was there found any trace of organic matter), nor a piece of ice (because the sky was clear and did not contain any conditions that would cause water to freeze) or by a meteorite, because no astronomical data confirms entry of such bodies in the air that day. Then, excluded is the chance of the body damage being a result of human activities. There were no civilian flights at that hour at about 30 km from Gherla. It cannot be fallout of exercises with artillery cannons or missiles.

The object that struck the device had a motion of rotating around its own axis. "We can say with certainty what it was not, but not what it was - an object that struck the MIG - but we do not know what the object was or its origin", Grigorie said, refusing to make any speculation about a possible "Extraterrestrial origin."