Translated from by S. Corrales, IHU.

On March 23, 2008, between 20:00 and 20:40 hours, five airliner crews reported UFO sightings over Mexico.

All witnesses agreed on the traffic being intensely brilliant, with lights resembling airliner strobes (white and intermittent). The objects were described as brilliant spheres that were also surrounded by lights.

One of the pilots, the one who flew closest to the UFOs, added that they had a pentagon-shaped base. The objects went up and down, making movements that could not be matched by an airliner. At that time they were flying at 25,000 feet, 70 miles northwest of Guadalajara (Jalisco).

The airliners followed different routes and according to the triangulation between pilots and air traffic controlers, the UFOs should have been at the center of the triangle formed by Guadalajara - Aguascalientes - Bajio.

Aircraft involved:
ATR42, Aeromar
Boeing 737-800, Aeroméxico
Boeing 737-200, Aviacsa
Focker 100, Click de Mexicana
Airbus A320, Mexicana de Aviación

Communication frequencies employed:
128.5 MHz
123.9 MHz