An engineer from Russia's Ivanovo Region built a robot for military purposes that ended up serving as a domestic helper and a nanny for his son, the inventor told RIA Novosti.

Vladimir Metlushko's robot, built over a period of two years, was initially designed for military scouting and mine sweeping.

"But when I started a family, the device's purpose changed. It became both a nanny and a toy for our ten month-old son," he said.

Metlushko assembled the device in his kitchen from commonly-available items, such as a webcam, a motherboard, a laser range-finder, rechargeable batteries, a wi-fi transmitter and a bicycle brake. The robot is able to speak, move, carry a baby, move objects, broadcast images, and iron clothes.

The engineer said he planned to upgrade the device, named Alien, in order to extend its household functions.