Sutton's experts on the unexplained, the Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team (TAPIT), are looking into reports of strange objects in the night sky on Saturday.

The UFO sighting in Sutton that got you all talking earlier this year.

Members of the team say calls have been flooding in from locals claiming to have seen a number of large orange balls in the air.

Says Lee Roberts, team leader for TAPIT: "We have had three reports from people at a restaurant in South Normanton describing the object as like a flame going across the sky which was not a plane or a firework."

One resident of Sherwood Street in Kirkby, who asked not to be named, told Chad she and her husband had seen a total of six of the objects in the sky.

She said: "They were definitely not fireworks or a plane or a helicopter. They were just silent and moved too fast. One of them was just hovering in the sky and then it shot off and five or six seconds later was a tiny dot.

"We were thinking we were going potty. But then we went to our local club the next day and someone else said they had seen them."

Now the paranormal investigators are making enquiries in a bid to discover the truth behind the sightings.

Added Lee: "We are doing investigations with East Midlands Airport and local air bases to see if there is anything they know of which could explain the sightings and what we can rule out."

LINK: TAPIT's website