Over 100 fishing trawlers with some 1,200 fishermen aboard went missing in the Bay as high waves, triggered a by sudden storm, hit the trawlers on Thursday night.

The fishermen who returned to the shore said they saw three trawlers sinking in the rough sea.

Barguna District Trawler Owners' Association Adviser Golam Mustafa Chowdhury told the news agency that about 400 out of 500 fishing trawlers returned to the coast, but the fate of the rest 100 with 1200 fishermen could not be known.

Patharghata UNO said he heard that 70-80 trawlers went missing and three capsized. He conveyed the news to the Barguna district administration.

Fishermen of trawler "FV Laboni" who returned from the turbulent Bay yesterday afternoon said sea waves rising 12-15 feet high prevented other trawlers and fishermen from returning to the shore.

Quoting fishermen, Mustafa Chowdhury said trawler "FV Jannat" developed a crack at the hull and quickly took shelter at Pakkhindia char. About 14 fishermen were in the trawler.

He said the engine of "FV Satbhai Champa" with 13 fishermen went out of order and seen floating in Dubajahaj area. No rescue trawler could approach it due to strong waves in the Bay. The fate of the fishermen could not be known as of 7:00pm yesterday.

Fishermen of other trawlers saw trawler "FV Bhai Bhai" sinking with 10 fishermen in the deep sea.