A series of explosions in Northeast have some residents looking for answers, and some law enforcement sources have an idea of what could be to blame.

Debris from used fireworks litters the neighborhood's streets, but residents do not think that is the source of the ear-splitting noise on Friday and Saturday nights along Isherwood street.

"Boom! It was loud; it just sound like something was coming down," said Northeast resident Brittany Slaughter.

Residents say it sounded like a plane crash or an earthquake.

"It could have been a plane, but no plane," said Jewel Thorne. "Wasn't no smoke; it was just the loudest boom I ever could hear."

According to ATF sources, the sounds could be caused by flashbang grenades.

The devices produce a bright flash of light and a loud bang. They are used by law enforcement to distract people during raids.

Some flashbangs recently have been stolen from D.C. police emergency response cruisers in Southeast.

There is no established connection between the missing flashbangs and the noises.