Authorities in the regions of Russia's Far East have issued storm warnings and placed emergency and rescue forces on alert.

Showers with gale blowing at 18 meters per second to 23 meters per second are expected Tuesday and Wednesday in the Khabarovsk territory, the Jewish autonomous region, the constituent republic of Yakutia-Sakha and the Sakhalin region.


Chukotka Peninsula and the Magadan region will likely see winds of up to 15 meters per second.

According to information from the Khabarovsk territory department of the Emergency Situations Ministry, gusts of wind damaged 30% of electricity transmission and communication lines.

Falling trees damaged roofs of residential houses and a diesel power plant in the village of Kukan.

A pylon of a high-voltage transmission line has been damaged in the town of Tyrma. Streams of rainwater have washed away roadbed on a highway between the towns of Urgal and Gerbi, effectively blocking all the traffic there.

Experts at the Emergency Situations Ministry's regional center have issued recommendations to the population to stay away from streets as much as possible and to refrain from using personal cars during the approaching cyclone.