Three people died and another four are missing in Haiti as a result of floods and strong winds triggered by Hurricane Dean. The natural disaster inflicted considerable damages to agriculture, rapid water flows destroyed several houses and damaged greatly some highways, Haiti's authorities said on Sunday.

In some Haitian regions strong gusts of wind are reported, torrential rains are going on. Thousands of people, who were evacuated from dangerous districts, keep staying in the shelters, though the hurricane epicenter has already passed the southern Haitian coast and reached Jamaica.

The hurricane with persisting Category 4 according to the international five-category classification, is moving westwards in the Caribbean Sea, heading for Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Hurricane Dean reaches 230 kilometers per hour in the epicenter, bringing torrential rains and triggering high waves in the sea.

People were evacuated from dangerous districts over a threat of floods in some eastern regions of Cuba. More than 100,000 people are accommodated in temporary shelters. Cuban authorities broadcast constant weather forecasts, though the hurricane epicenter is located quite far from Cuba.