Mystery lights have been spotted over Brownhills - the latest in a long line of UFO sightings around the town.

The sighting comes just days after the Ministry of Defence officially declared our area a UFO hotspot.

A resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "It was about three minutes to ten on Saturday night.

"I looked into the sky and there were these three orange orbs.

"I've never seen anything like them before."

The resident said that she watched the scene for about a minute and a half, during

which time the lights put on a strange display before vanishing.

"One of them, the first in the line, came across the sky and then just stopped dead.

"The two lights behind it followed a second or two later.

"When they were all close together, the first light vanished. Just disappeared completely. Like it just shut down into nothing."

And at the same time, in nearby Norton Canes, resident James Douglas also spotted the mysterious lights.

"They were more or less in a straight

"It was a couple of minutes to ten. "The lights weren't very big - they didn't look all that far away but they didn't look too big, either. They weren't making a sound.

"The first one just stopped dead. The other two sort of dawdled up to the first one, and as soon as they did, the first light just switched off, kind of thing. Just vanished. Didn't drop or rise or anything.

"I called my wife, but when she came out on the garden there were just two of them left.

"I've absolutely no idea what it was."