Showers, occasionally heavy, thunderstorms and blasts of wind reaching 45 mph, are forecast in the Republics of Altai, Buryatia, the Chita, the Irkutsk, the Kemerovo, the Tomsk Regions and the Altai Territory.

Heavy showers are also expected in the central and southern districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Hail and thunderstorms are possible, along with blasts of wind reaching 35-45 mph.

According to Siberian Regional Center of Ministry for Emergencies, the heaviest storm is forecast in the Republics of Tuva and Khakassia, where heavy showers, thunderstorms, hail, and blasts of wind reaching 60 mph, are expected.

Krasnoyarsk rescuers remind about safety measures. If a storm warning is announced, close your windows, doors, roof traps, and vents tightly. Take away things that can be smashed away with strong wind from your balconies, ceilings, and loggias. It is best to wait till a storm is over inside. If you are outside, you should keep as far as possible away from buildings. It will protect you from fragments of glass, tile, roofing slate, various things, road signs torn off, which pose danger most probably.

When the wind is over, it is not worth going outside: the storm may occur again in a while. When it becomes obvious that the storm is over, make sure going outside that no objects or parts of objects are hanging down in the street. You must not use lifts too.

It is not recommended that one stays near the window. If a radio or TV set has a special aerial on the roof, one should disconnect it. Actually, voltage swings are possible during a thunderstorm. So it is better to isolate electrical appliances. You should not be on the roof, near a lead or a grounding electrode too.

When being outside, you should better sit in a dry pit or a trench. Do not run if you are driving a car - you should stop. You must not hide under high trees, especially isolated. Oaks, poplars, fir-trees, and pine-trees are the most dangerous during thunderstorms. Birch-trees or maples are rarely hit by lightning. And it is almost impossible that a bush is hit by lightning.

A tourist camp can be protected by a group of non-isolated lightning-conductors. It is worth cutting off the branches of high trees growing nearby for them not to be closer than two meters away from the tents.