An Australian woman who forged a relationship with a younger World of Warcraft player has been arrested in the US as she attempted to meet with the chap and his family.

31-year-old Tamara Broome had met the 17-year-old in Azeroth when he was a year younger, and - who we're nicking all this off, obviously - claimed that he had previously attempted to fly over there, and that they aimed to get married.

A week ago Broome left Australia for the US so that, in the words of her housemate, "they could sort it all out" with the parents. She claims that the teenager's folks even arranged the trip.

As it was, she was arrested when she attempted to board a train near their home in North Carolina, and is now being held on a USD 2.35 million bond and could go to jail for more than two years if found guilty of attempting to abduct a child.