Parents and Physicians Outraged Over Comments From NBC's Dr. Snyderman on Autism Omnibus Hearings, Vaccines

NBC's coverage of the Autism Omnibus Proceedings in the U.S. Federal Claims Court that began last week has sparked a firestorm of criticism among parents of vaccine-injured children from around the country. A letter protesting on-air statements made last week by NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman has been sent to top NBC officials.

The letter, signed by over 50 advocacy organizations and physicians, objects to Dr. Snyderman's assertion on last Tuesday's Today show that the mercury-based preservative thimerosal no longer exists in vaccines. Thimerosal is still contained in most flu shots and several other vaccines as well.

Before coming to NBC, Dr. Snyderman served as ABC's medical correspondent for 17 years where she was briefly suspended for being paid to promote J & J's product Tylenol. She later spent four years with Johnson & Johnson as Vice President of Consumer Education. J & J's company Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is responsible for producing the thimerosal-containing RhoGAM shot administered to RH-negative women during and after pregnancy. Ortho is currently the respondent in litigation for fetal injuries associated with the shot, including autism.

"Tolerating such a blatant conflict of interest is bad enough, but the fact that NBC did not disclose Dr. Snyderman's Johnson & Johnson ties to viewers is completely unacceptable," according to National Autism Association Vice President and grandparent Ann Brasher. "It appears that Dr. Snyderman is speaking on behalf of J & J and not as an unbiased physician looking out for the best interests of children."

Also raising concern is Dr. Snyderman's unequivocal statement in an earlier NBC broadcast that there is "no science" to support a link between thimerosal and the development of autism. Advocacy organizations are quick to point out a plethora of peer-reviewed published science supporting the extreme neurotoxicity of thimerosal and the relationship between mercury exposure and neurological injuries with symptoms nearly identical to those of autism.

NBC has not responded to the letter sent last week from the advocacy organizations.

To read the letter to NBC, go [HERE]


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