A disused Indian Boeing 737 that was abandoned in a busy road in Mumbai (Bombay) last weekend has been moved.

The plane was taken overnight from the Chembur district where it had been left by a driver who was taking it by trailer to Delhi.

It is not clear who has moved it or where it has been taken.

The decommissioned Boeing had become the centre of attraction in the city. But some people complained that it was disrupting business.

It appears that the plane was abandoned after the driver took a wrong turn and found himself facing a flyover that was too low for him to take the plane under.

The plane became a major attraction in Mumbai

The driver then disappeared and the plane and its trailer were marooned for several days while no-one assumed responsibility for moving it.

Sunday surprise

"I'm thrilled to see that it is gone," one woman, Shaila Kachare, told the BBC News website. "Life's back to normal."

The Boeing used to belong to the private company Air Sahara.

Its engine, wings and tail were removed before it began its road journey to Delhi.

Restaurant owner Ramji Thapar woke up on Sunday morning to find the aircraft on its giant trailer abandoned on the road.

"Saturday night I shut shop and go home and everything is fine," he told the BBC news website.

"Sunday morning when I get here, this aircraft is here near my restaurant!"

Reports say it was supposed to be used at a flight training academy.

Pradeep Malhotra, who runs a catering service in the area, said the plane had become a huge problem because it was parked right in front of his shop, preventing him loading his lorries.

Some residents said they had not complained simply because they assumed that the authorities would be making it a priority to get the plane out of the city.