A Mendocino County child is recovering and doing well after being diagnosed with infant botulism earlier this month, the Public Health Department reported Tuesday.

According to a press release, the child's mother reported that, in addition to being breastfed, the infant was fed Earth's Best Organic baby food.

While there is no confirmed link between this case and the baby food, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has initiated an ongoing recall for the following jars of Earth's Best baby food because of the risk of contamination with Clostridium botulism, a bacterium which can cause botulism.

The affected baby food is:

- Earth's Best Organic 2 Apple Peach Barley Wholesome Breakfast, 4.5 ounce jars, expiration date Sept. 17, 2008.

- Earth's Best 2 Wholesome Breakfast Variety Pack, 12 pack, expiration date Sept. 13, 2008.

- Earth's Best Organic 2 Apple Peach Barley, 4.5 ounce jars within 12 pack, expiration date Sept. 14, 2008.

Botulism, a potentially fatal form of food poisoning, usually causes illness within 18 to 36 hours of exposure. Initial indication of illness in infants is decreased frequency or absence of stools.

Other signs and symptoms noted are poor feeding, weak suck, lethargy, listlessness, weak cry, decreased body tone, and diminished overall movement.

Older populations who may be consuming the product as part of a pureed diet might experience symptoms such as blurred vision, dizziness, dry mouth, and progressive weakness from head to legs. Constipation and urinary retention are also common. People observing these symptoms should seek medical attention for those affected.

According to Marvin Trotter, M.D., of the Public Health Department, "The most frequent cause of botulism in infants is from honey and soil; in fact, infant botulism is rare."

Production and distribution of the baby food has been suspended and the company has initiated a recall of the food.

The Environmental Health Division of Mendocino County has contacted local stores to ensure these products have been removed from their shelves.

If consumers have any of the specified jars in the home, they should not use it and should destroy it immediately.