London: An Unemployed man from Tooting, a London suburb, has found work as an Indian deity, attempting to cure thousands of Hindus of infertility.

Steve Cooper has been treated as a deity for three months ever since he left his tiny flat in south-west London to live in India.

The cross-dresser calls himself Pamela but is known to his worshippers as Prema, Hindi for Divine Love. He follows a strict vegetarian diet and sleeps in a spartan room in a temple guest house in Gujarat with 80 eunuchs.

Devotees travel for days to be blessed by Cooper, who dresses in a holy saffron robe before placing his third finger on their foreheads and muttering: "The goddess is here."

He is seen as a reincarnation of Bahucharaji, the patron of Indian eunuchs.

The 32-year-old told The Sun: "All my life I just didn't fit. Now I've found my life. I plan to stay here for good."