It is interesting to know NASA is completely quiet about it. Whenever Astronauts detect an alien ship trailing the Space Shuttle or other missions, they switch to the encrypted Military communication that is closed to common public.

Evidence has come up which now points to the fact that there are thousands of alien space ships that control the space around the earth. The alien ships follow the terrestrial missions closely. The astronauts see them all the time but asked to keep quiet about the same.

It is also evident that terrestrial Space Agencies are not welcome to the moon. Does NASA and other space agencies take permission form aliens to fly in the outer space?

Why did Russia and America stop exploring moon with manned mission? Did the Aliens ask them to refrain from visiting moon?

Did NASA get a permission to visit moon again and perhaps Mars as a guest?

Questions of all these can be answered by NASA. But first NASA has to answer one question, why do they switch to encrypted Military communication channel whenever an astronaut points out that an alien ship is trailing the Space Shuttle?