Psychic Carole Peach, who foretells the future for other people "through a Red Indian guide", could not see it coming that she was about to become another crime statistic.

She had no forewarning that a mugger would reach through the open passenger window of her husband's car, punch her in the face and grab her bag containing two wallets, R2 500 in cash, bank cards, her telephone and ID books, two cellphones and her heart tablets.

Peach and her husband, Peter, were in Warwick Triangle and on their way to St Aidan's Hospital to collect medical results. The attack took place while their red Jetta was still moving.

Peach, of Bellair, immediately leapt from the car to give chase, but says that nearby taxi drivers blocked the way to prevent her getting to the mugger.

"One driver then began yelling and swearing at me to get out of the way or he would drive over me. I don't know if I was scared or angry, but you don't want to know what I shouted back."

The couple drove to St Aidan's, where a kind stranger gave them R2 to telephone their daughter, Angela, for help.

"I just want people to be aware when driving through this area. I had just drawn the money and was so traumatised I forgot to put that in my statement to the police."

Peach, a medium who does predictions on Radio Lotus, said that she was a "transreader" who helped people through a Red Indian guide. "He talks through me," she explained.