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Sun, 17 Jan 2021
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Bright meteor fireball over the Mediterranean Sea (Jan. 13)

This beautiful meteor was spotted form Spain on 2021 January 13 at 22:10 local time (equivalent to 21:10 universal time). It overflew the north of Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea. The bolide was generated by a rock from a comet that hit the atmosphere at about 65,000 km/h. It began at an altitude of about 106 km over the north of Morocco, and ended at a height of around 65 km over the Mediterranean Sea, after traveling about 55 km in the Earth's atmosphere.

The event was recorded in the framework of the SMART project, operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN), from the meteor-observing stations located at Calar Alto (Almería), Sierra Nevada (Granada), and Sevilla.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball over San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

This video has been uploaded on the American Meteor Society Website. AMS Event: 302-2021, Report 220353 (302a-2021) - San Cristóbal de las Casas MX

Uploaded by
© Luis Victorio

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball captured over Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

Observers map for event 292-2021.
© AMS (screen capture)
Observers map for event 292-2021.
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 45 reports (event 292-2021) about a meteor fireball seen over Irkutsk Oblast, Irkutskaya oblast', Республика Бурятия and Иркутская область on Friday, January 15th 2021 around 00:24 UT.

A video was uploaded to the AMS website.


'Loud boom' sounds reported in several North Carolina counties

Booms in North Carolina
Across several North Carolina counties, thousands of people reported hearing loud "boom" sounds late Saturday afternoon. No official explanation for the mysterious noises has been issued as of Sunday morning.

WFMY News 2 is continuing to reach out to officials about the "booms," and this article will be updated as we learn more.

In terms of location, viewers reported hearing the sounds in Forsyth, Yadkin, Stokes, Davie, Rockingham, and Surry counties.

On social media, descriptions of the boom's impact range from simply hearing the noises to people's homes shaking. Viewers shared what they heard on the WFMY News 2 Facebook page.


'Sonic boom' possibility on loud noise heard in Southern Ohio

Mystery boom (stock)
A loud boom was heard around 2 pm this afternoon and for some people it shook their house.

We have had several messages on this incident and after discussing it with several local authorities we think this is the possibility of a sonic boom from an aircraft. Local authorities have nothing to report on the incident.

The "boom" was heard throughout Pickaway county, East Fairfield county and Northern Ross county.

Fireball 5

Bright meteor fireball explodes over Norway

Meteor fireball over Norway
© Norwegian Meteor Network / Solar Observatory at Harestua
On the night of 5 January 2021 at 00:21:38, a large meteor fireball lit up the sky over Eastern Norway reports the Norwegian Meteorite Network, and may have produced meteorites.

According to the Norwegian Seismic Array (NORSAR) website infrasound stations on Løten registered signals from the meteor which was heard by people living in Ullensaker.

The Norwegian Meteor Network / Solar Observatory at Harestua recorded the event:

Fireball 2

Daytime meteor fireball filmed over Hiratsuka, Japan

A meteor fireball spotted falling from sky yesterday over Hiratsuka, Japan.


Meteor fireball filmed over the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia


According to scientists, its diameter was less than ten meters. The meteorite collapsed before reaching the ground.


Nest camera captures meteor fireball in Bedford County sky in Virginia

Focus on the upper-righthand corner of the video

Wow, what a shot!

The Capen Family in Forest sent Chris Michaels this footage from their home security camera showing a fireball in the sky.

A number of reports came into the American Meteor Society on Monday morning across Virginia.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball streaks over US East Coast

Observers map for AMS event 183-2021
© AMS (screen capture)
Observers map for AMS event 183-2021
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 42 reports (event 183-2021) about a meteor fireball seen over DC, MD, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA and WV on Sunday, January 10th 2021 around 04:17 UT.

Two videos were uploaded to the AMS website.

Credit: Timothy Bruno.