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Mon, 27 Mar 2023
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Smokescreens, Snowjobs and Long Knives

There's been a buzz on the net for the past few days that maybe, finally, Bush is going to get his comeuppance. Cunningham has been sentenced to hard time, Katharine Harris, the "President Maker", is tainted by a related bribery scandal, Bush has been shown to be a liar (yet again) in public via the Katrina video conference expose, and most of all, the "uproar" over the Dubai Buy.

Don't kid yourselves: they're blowing smoke and snowing you.

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SOTT Podcast: Organic Portals and Psychopathy

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This week, we delve into the topic of Organic Portals. Is it possible that fully one half of the population of the planet has no soul? More importantly, can we accept such a hypothesis without succumbing to the same "Us vs Them" attitude that characterizes the Pathocracy? Tune in this week for another fascinating podcast with Laura Knight-Jadczyk!

Running Time: 00:28:39

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Wall Street

Signs Economic Commentary for 27 February 2006

Summary: The mainstream media's economic news was particularly positive until the end of last week, when no one could hide the bad news for the U.S. empire. The shocks on Thursday and Friday drove the price of gold and oil up and made even optimists uneasy.

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SOTT Podcast: Supernovas, Comets, and the Middle East

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We start off this week with a discussion of the possible implications of the recently discovered supernova and comet. We then launch into a discussion of what appears to be the beginning of a new-and-improved round of genocide against Muslims. Some of the parallels between the holocaust and the increasing persecution of Muslims today may just surprise you!

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Osama The Nihilist

The consensus among the corrupt lying politicos is that 'Islamic terrorists' are responsible for the upsurge in attacks on Shrines and religious leaders in Iraq. Sadly, it seems that someone forgot to inform Iraq's Shia and Sunni populations of this...


Four And a Half Years...

Has anybody noticed that news isn't what it used to be?

What happened to the general up and down, back and forth, flow of events, both good and bad, that used to be our daily fare? It used to be possible to read the news and the good news somehow was able to counterbalance the bad news. Yes, there were evil things afoot, but there were also good things in the works.


Testimonies of two eyewitnesses near the bombed Dome

As with so many other events of global significance in recent years, the official story about the bombing of the Shia shrine two days ago has very quickly started to stink and reveal many inconsistencies...

From RoadsToIraq.com
Witness 1:

I live in a district very near to the mosque and I will tell you exactly what I saw hours before the bombing.

There is a daily curfew in our city (Samarra) starts from 8,00 in the evening until 6,00 in the morning, in the night before the bombing and just when it's getting dark there was unusual activities by the ING (Iraqi National Guard) in the area around the mosque, I heard their cars the whole night until next day in the morning.

The Mosque Guards testimony says: Four people with ING uniforms blind folded them and set the bombs.

The witness continues, so ask I you how could the terrorists enter the area which is usually surrounded by the ING and enter the mosque then runway without being got by the police?.


More On The Shrine Bombing

At least 120 people have now been killed as a direct result of the bombing of the Shia shrine in Iraq. Fifty bullet-riddled bodies were found in Baghdad overnight and 47 factory workers were killed at a roadblock on the outskirts of the capital. Arab TV reporter, Atwar Bahjat, and two of her crew who worked for the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV were also killed in Samarra.


Jack Straw Protests Too Much

Yesterday, during his whistlestop tour of Iraq, British Foreign Minister Jack Straw made a couple of very interesting admissions, although undoubtedly he would not see them as such.


Baghdad bomb kills 22 - But Who Is to Blame?

In what has tragically become a commonplace event, today yet another car bomb exploded in Baghdad. The UK Guardian reports:
Baghdad bomb kills 22

At least 22 people were killed and 28 wounded when a car bomb exploded in a busy outdoor market in the Iraqi city of Baghdad today.

Iraqi police said the bomb exploded at 4.45pm local time in Dora, a south-west district of the city. It is believed the attack was aimed at a police patrol but missed its target.

The injured were taken to hospital where a source said the death toll could be much higher. Dora is one of the most dangerous parts of Baghdad, with car and roadside bombings occurring daily since a Sunni-dominated insurgency began in the summer of 2003.
Notice that a "Baghdad bomb" killed at least 22 Iraqi civilians today, and that "car and roadside bombings occur almost daily". In reading this account, you could be forgiven for coming away with the impression that "Baghdad bombs" have a life of their own and need no help from any human agency to wreak their bloody carnage. Perhaps the problem is that there is never any reliable claim of responsibility for these attacks, and journalists and commentators are just mystified as Iraqi civilians about what kind of "Iraqi insurgent group" would deliberately kill their own neighbors - the very support base that they rely on to resist the American occupation.

The fact is that anonymous bombings that target civilians in the midst of a volatile society such as occupied Iraq is by no means a new phenomenon. All over the world over the past half century (and longer), wherever big Western governments had something to gain (or lose), bombs have been exploding and killing innocent civilians, leaving their friends and families not only traumatised, but completely confused as to why such violence was committed against them.