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Of Invisible Men, Chimeras and The Demiurge

Precisely," said Griffin. "But consider, visibility depends on the action of the visible bodies on light. Either a body absorbs light, or it reflects or refracts it, or does all these things. If it neither reflects nor refracts nor absorbs light, it cannot of itself be visible. You see an opaque red box, for instance, because the colour absorbs some of the light and reflects the rest, all the red part of the light, to you.

If it did not absorb any particular part of the light, but reflected it all, then it would be a shining white box. Silver! A diamond box would neither absorb much of the light nor reflect much from the general surface, but just here and there where the surfaces were favourable the light would be reflected and refracted, so that you would get a brilliant appearance of flashing reflections and translucencies - a sort of skeleton of light. A glass box would not be so brilliant, not so clearly visible, as a diamond box, because there would be less refraction and reflection. See that? From certain points of view you would see quite clearly through it. Some kinds of glass would be more visible than others, a box of flint glass would be brighter than a box of ordinary window glass.

A box of very thin common glass would be hard to see in a bad light, because it would absorb hardly any light and refract and reflect very little. And if you put a sheet of common white glass in water, still more if you put it in some denser liquid than water, it would vanish almost altogether, because light passing from water to glass is only slightly refracted or reflected or indeed affected in any way. It is almost as invisible as a jet of coal gas or hydrogen is in air. And for precisely the same reason! - HG Wells The Invisible Man


New Crop Circle at Wexcombe Down

© Steve Alexander

This formation is located at Wexcombe Down, Wilts and is approximately 200ft in diameter, in green Barley. Discovered while on the way to photographing the formation at Morgan's Hill. It is a four-fold geometrical design, similar in nature to the bird (or swallows) formations of 2003 and 2005.


UFOs are frequent flyers in Akron-Canton Ohio area

Dispatchers say they had no unusual calls that night and there was nothing from the sheriff's department to explain the phenomena.

Controllers at the Akron-Canton Airport reported nothing out of the ordinary on their radar screens.

But Rosemary Lyons said she saw a UFO fly over the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, 2935 Lincoln Way W., at 10:40 p.m. Friday, May 11.

Lyons isn't nuts, said a UFO expert from Cleveland who noted that sightings in Ohio aren't all that unusual.

"It goes in cycles," said Richard Lee, of the Cleveland Ufology Project, one of the oldest UFO research organizations in the country.


UFO pictures increase in detail and number - are we witnessing a 'wave' ?

UFO pictures are usually blurry, grainy blobs. At best, a shiny round object far away in the distance.

But recently - since the current 'flap' which has hit the United States and Europe, a number of sightings have come forward which come with detailed pictures showing a UFO up close. The first one was the Coast to Coast UFO - featured in the American Chronicle last week. As mentioned in the article, within a few days, another series of UFO pictures came in from Lake Tahoe.



First Crop Circle Formation in Barley This Year in Wiltshire

A pilot friend of mine called yesterday, May 18th, and told me about this new star formation near Furze Knoll (on the SE side of Morgan's hill), which he's certain was not there the day before. I couldn't fly to get shots until this morning -- which is just as well since the light was much better today. It's impossible to find from the road (we tried unsuccessfully yesterday), but the twin Marconi towers are a nearby landmark that's easy to see from miles off. The OS map reference is about 035-667.

©Peter Sorensen 2007
Star crop circle on Morgan's Hill

Black Cat

The crop circle sleuth

Timed for the start of this year's crop-circle season, a new book from Lucy Pringle - the photographer who's been capturing images of the formations for nearly 20 years and who has become an international authority on the strange phenomenon - is a stunning visual chronicle of the increasing complexity of the patterns.


UFO sighted over Sutton, UK

Could this strange sighting be a UFO hovering above the skies of Sutton?

©Mansfield Today
"It was very clear and could be seen for miles around"
Quote By : John Gregory

The mystery image was spotted high above the town by Chad reader John Gregory, of Burn Street, shortly after 10pm on 2nd May, and appears to show a moon like image with a nose, mouth and eyes.


UFO Sightings Keep Rolling In From Ontario Canada

Reports from Canada are coming in as usual, but in one province UFO sightings are way up for this time of the year. A massive 73 reported written sightings and a number of telephone interviews places the total for Ontario to a whopping 81 cases as of May 15, 2007 to come into HBCC UFO Research which is located in Houston, British Columbia and UFOINFO located in the United Kingdom.

A number of UFO reports came in during the months of January and February, but it was in March when a flurry of fireball sightings were reported, then an unexpected huge number of cases were received directly after the fireball/meteor event. Witnesses are still writing up, and sending in some amazing cases, such as the recent triangular UFO sighting which just took place in Oshawa, Ontario where multi colored lights were moving around it in all directions and if that wasn't enough of an amazing event, in flew a "massive" triangular craft witnessed by three people who drew up an excellent diagram.


Kentucky, US: Shed from the sky unexplained

It may go down in the books as an unexplained phenomena, although for insurance purposes there might be a case for an act of God.

Last Monday afternoon, skies were virtually clear and there was only a light breeze at Elkhorn in Casey County when a four-thousand pound aluminum storage building rose from the rear of a church and fell onto the church roof.

Pastor Jeff Edwards of the Pine Grove Church says the 12-by-24 foot building had a few building supplies inside, but no explosive materials. No suspicious residues were found by the sheriff's office and state police. The flying shed left a hole in a wall of the church.


Rumbling Wakes Up Dozens of Knox County Residents (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Dozens of people in Knox County woke up to some rumbling this morning and investigators are still working to figure out what it was.

Dozens of calls flooded central dispatch at about 1:15am, mostly from two neighborhoods off Northshore Drive in West Knoxville; Admiral's Landing and Northshore Landing.

Many people tell us they woke up to loud rumbling and thought there were animals or prowlers in their basements or attics.

Others thought there was some sort of explosion shaking the ground.

J.R. Andrews lives in Admiral's Landing and says it woke his entire family up and they all ran outside to see what was going on.

Comment: Although some residents do not believe the sounds may be related to any seismic activity, the area sits just outside of one of the most active faults in the US - the New Madrid Fault Zone. A little history about the area, courtesy of the USGS (US Geological Survey):
In the winter of 1811-12, the central Mississippi Valley was struck by three of the most powerful earthquakes in U.S. history. Even today, this region has more earthquakes than any other part of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. Government agencies, universities, and private organizations are working to increase awareness of the earthquake threat and to reduce loss of life and property in future shocks.

The 400 terrified residents in the town of New Madrid (Missouri) were abruptly awakened by violent shaking and a tremendous roar. It was December 16, 1811, and a powerful earthquake had just struck. This was the first of three magnitude-8 earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks to rock the region that winter.

Survivors reported that the earthquakes caused cracks to open in the earth's surface, the ground to roll in visible waves, and large areas of land to sink or rise. The crew of the New Orleans (the first steamboat on the Mississippi, which was on her maiden voyage) reported mooring to an island only to awake in the morning and find that the island had disappeared below the waters of the Mississippi River. Damage was reported as far away as Charleston, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C.

These dramatic accounts clearly show that destructive earthquakes do not happen only in the western United States. In the past 20 years, scientists have learned that strong earthquakes in the central Mississippi Valley are not freak events but have occurred repeatedly in the geologic past. The area of major earthquake activity also has frequent minor shocks and is known as the New Madrid seismic zone.

Earthquakes in the central or eastern United States affect much larger areas than earthquakes of similar magnitude in the western United States. For example, the San Francisco, California, earthquake of 1906 (magnitude 7.8) was felt 350 miles away in the middle of Nevada, whereas the New Madrid earthquake of December 1811 (magnitude 8.0) rang church bells in Boston, Massachusetts, 1,000 miles away. Differences in geology east and west of the Rocky Mountains cause this strong contrast.

Source: http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/prepare/factsheets/NewMadrid/
Here are a couple of articles related to the New Madrid Fault reflecting the severity of a significant seismic event in the area: