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Spontaneous Human Combustion: Eye-witness cases in more detail

The case of Robert Francis Bailey

Early in the morning of 13 September 1967, some people walking to work in Lambeth, South London, noticed a bright light inside a derelict house at 49 Auckland Street.

At 5:19 AM, one of them telephoned the emergency services. At 5:24, the Lambeth Fire Brigade arrived with Brigade Commander John Stacey.

The crew entered the building and discovered the bright light was the burning body of a local alcoholic, Robert Bailey, who had sought shelter in the abandoned house overnight. Strangely, though, neither the fabric of the house itself, nor its internal fittings was damaged. The only thing on fire was Bailey himself.


Flashback Explanation for 13 cracked airplane windscreens doesn't fly!

"We have nothing at the impact sites to say this is definitively what it is." Maybe the NTSB should look again - over and through the Denver dilemma. It may not be as nitty gritty and transparent a solution as flying grit.

A Convenient but non-Credible Sleuthing?

In Air Safety Week dated 26 February ("Thirteen plus One") we reported upon some of the likely causes of the 22 windshields cracking on 14 aircraft during a 90 minute period at Denver International Airport on 16th February last. The Denver-based NTSB lead investigator Jennifer Kaiser has now come up with an FOD explanation that she thinks "flies". It's a natural phenomenon according to Jennifer. "The only commonality across aircraft type, operator, location, time and phase of flight was the wind and weather," Kaiser claimed. Despite aircraft being parked in different orientations, fine particles of grit were being swept along by gusts as high (at one stage) as 48 mph claims Kyle Fredin of the National Weather Service. On one parked aircraft, a CRJ 700, all four cockpit windows were cracked. Either the grit, or the wind, was turning corners.

Comment: The analysis mentioned above is very doubtful. 13 planes with cracked wind screens within a 90minute period and with no other damage. Nor were they facing the same direction.

If it was such a common thing, then it is strange that they were puzzled in the first place. A google search will tell you that this is not very common.

If we can have inconvenient truths, it appears that we can also have convenient lies.


Skeleton spotted in floating iceberg

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - Marine scientists in Canada and abroad are puzzled by bizarre photographs that appear to show the skeleton of a large mammal jutting out of an iceberg that recently drifted past Newfoundland's east coast.


The six pictures show what looks like a brown rib cage and spinal column, slightly bent, sticking out of a crust of ice.

But researchers throughout Canada, Greenland and Norway are unable to determine the origin of the skeleton, said Garry Stenson, a marine mammal scientist with the federal Fisheries Department.


Dead or Alive? Million pound reward offered for Loch Ness monster

A British bookmaker offered a one million pound ($2 million) reward on Monday to anyone who can prove that Scotland's legendary Loch Ness monster does actually exist.

Bookmakers William Hill are supplying up to 50,000 instant cameras to fans attending a Loch Ness pop festival next weekend.

"We are hoping the one million pound bounty will help to solve one of the great enigmas of modern times," William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said.

The winner will have to offer proof that satisfies experts at London's Natural History Museum.


UFO rumours are sparked by lights

Mysterious lights spotted hovering in the night sky caused quite a stir in Tunbridge Wells this week.

Between 20 to 40 orange spheres baffled residents throughout the town as they witnessed the strange phenomenon.

©Kent and Sussex Courier

The glowing orbs appeared at around 10pm on Saturday rising slowly into the clouds before eventually vanishing.

Tony Barber, of Farnham Lane, in Langton Green saw the spectacle after his neighbour alerted him. He said: "They were rising into the sky for about 20 minutes then they disappeared. We went outside and watched and tried to guess what they were. We couldn't really come up with anything except they were huge hot air balloons."


Ireland Flooded by UFO Claims

Ireland is in the grip of a space invasion, according to UFO Society of Ireland president Betty Meyler.

She says reports of unidentified flying objects are flooding in.

One man, Mark, reported seeing a silver saucer over Lough Key near Carrick-on-Shannon.

He said: "The craft was reflective silver like stainless steel, with no lights or windows."

"Martin D" emailed Betty to tell her he spotted a UFO over his HOUSE.


Video: UFOs over Santiago, Chile

Video: UFOs over Santiago, Chile

Comment: The amateur video is part of an impressive series that can be found here. The images appear to have been taken on December 7th, 2003, as displayed on the screen in one of the videos. As it surfaced on the Internet only 3 and a half years later we wonder how many more pieces of evidence are held by private people which remain unreported.


UFO photographed over Costa Rica

(Translated by SOTT)

The lenses of Diario Extra photographer Rándall Sandoval captured several pictures of the flying object which appeared as a small light which turned larger on Wednesday.

©Rándall Sandoval and Héctor Rodríguez
The first picture shows two spots of lights which became larger in seconds.
The bottom spot became larger while the other one slowly vanished.
The light became even larger until a cigar shaped UFO appeared.
The UFO, above the antenna, moved up and down. It was five o'clock in the morning of Tuesday, in Lomas del Río, Pavas.

Black Cat

Chile: Chupacabras attack in Vina del Mar

Margarita Ugalde's family underwent an experience worthy of a horror movie in the early hours of Thursday morning in the Recreo sector of Vina del Mar after having a face-to-face encounter with the legendary and feared Chupacabras.

According to the woman's story, the event took place at around 4 in the morning when all were asleep and the powerful noise made by the strange animal shook them out of their slumber.

"An animal walked over the roof - it was as though it had come in flying and suddenly landed there. It sounded strong and dragged its wings, walking quickly and making a thundering noise, as though it were very heavy. It's just like the last time. The same happened years ago - we heard the same noises on the roof," explained Margarita Ugalde.


'Eerie' UFO spotted in British Columbia, Canada skies

Lisa McCubbin isn't sure what she saw when she looked into the eastern sky early Monday morning but she doesn't think it was a small plane, hang glider or kite.

At about 12:30 a.m. she could hear some people on the street outside her apartment shouting and when she looked out her window she saw what the three young people were reacting to: It appeared to be a light grey or translucent triangle with sharp edges that approached the city in a straight path, did a loop and left.

"It circled, then it went straight again," she says.

The whole incident lasted about 20 seconds by McCubbin's estimation.

"It was completely silent - really, really eerie," she said.