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Mysticism and UFO Sightings

A series of UFO sightings on Tenerife, in the Canary Isles, has UFO investigators scratching their heads and wondering if the Islands' history holds clues to the current spate of activity. In the last 18 months, at least three different disc shaped UFO's have been photographed on this small Island off the coast of Africa.

Many in the UFO community will remember Tenerife from the high profile arrests in the late 90's involving members of what authorities claimed was a semi mystic UFO group. It was falsely claimed that the group went by the names Centro Sagrado de Isis (Sacred Centre of Isis) and Orden del Santuario Solar (Order of the Solar Shrine).

The group was lead by German psychologist Dr. Heide Fittkau-Garthe, a divorcee in her late 50's who had no previous involvement with cults but who had studied eastern mysticism in some depth and through that study seems to have become interested in communication with extraterrestrial life forms and their ability to visit Earth.

Bizarro Earth

NTSB Solves Riddle of Small Plane Crash in '02

The federal government said yesterday that it has solved the three-year-old mystery of a small plane crash in Alabama that, at least initially, appeared to have been the result of an in-flight collision with an unexplained object.

The nighttime crash in October 2002 of the single-engine Cessna cargo plane killed the pilot, the plane's only occupant, and launched UFO and government-conspiracy theories on Web sites, pondering what it might have collided with. Red scuff marks were found on pieces of the wreckage after it was pulled from a swamp.


Mysterious Ice Chunk Breaks Hole in Roof

Johnny Marlin says two employees were cutting tobacco in this barn beside his home when suddenly, they heard an explosion.

A five pound chunk of ice fell through the roof of the barn. Marlin believes it fell from a passing plane overhead.

"I called Lelan Statom, and said can you explain this one? He guessed airplane too," said Marlin.

Marlin says luckily no one was hurt, but he's keeping the ice-chunk as a keepsake.

Comment: Seems to be a lot of ice chunks falling from "planes" lately. With so many instances that could make them liable to lawsuits for damages, you'd think they would "clean up their act." But then, maybe the ice chunks are NOT falling from planes...


After 15 Years I Can Tell Truth of Marks Made by UFO

A West crop circle expert has lifted the lid on a previously long-forgotten chapter in the bizarre history of the West's 1990 crop circle mystery. Colin Andrews revealed to a coast-to-coast audience in America the goings-on under the cover of a summer night 15 years ago.

Mr Andrews, who left his West home for the US a decade ago, said that, far from being an embarrassing flop, the three-week vigil on the hilltops of Wiltshire was an astounding and secret success.

Listeners on US radio heard claims yesterday that the British Army watched and filmed a UFO making a ground-breaking crop circle near Silbury Hill while the world's media were camped 20 miles away.

Back in 1990, it was the high point of the crop circle hysteria gripping the world.


Lousiana: Catfish on I-20 spawn mystery

Somebody knows how catfish ended up on eastbound Interstate 20 near Airline Drive on Friday afternoon, Dec 23.

Just not Bossier City authorities.

Passing motorists had already pummeled, squashed and obliterated the slippery aquatic creatures by the time police were called.

They arrived about 1:30 p.m. and shut down traffic because the gooey remnants left an oily service that could pose a driving hazard.

Eastbound travel was halted completely for about 15 minutes while firefighters used grease sweep, a granulated substance, to provide traction on slippery surfaces.

Comment: Comment: Maybe they did, maybe they didn't.


Ice chunk falls from sky in Japan

Tokyo - A disc-shaped piece of ice of unknown origin plummeted from the sky onto a golf course near Tokyo Wednesday, narrowly missing players on the fairway but causing no injuries, police said.

Authorities were investigating the bizarre incident, said Saitama prefectural (state) police spokesman Masahiko Kuwashima.

Four players at the Heisei Club golf course in Saitama, just outside Tokyo, heard a loud thud and found a disc-shaped hunk of ice - about 50 centimeters (20 inches) in diameter and 15 centimeters (6 inches) thick - broken into several pieces, Kuwashima said.

He said police investigators have asked the Transport Ministry to check a possibility that ice stuck on an airplane might have fallen, and are waiting for the ministry's response.

There have been several past reports of ice falling in Chiba prefecture (state) near Tokyo's Narita International Airport, Kuwashima said.


Kecksburg to mark 40th anniversary of purported UFO crash

On Dec. 9, 1965, a fireball was reported streaking over four states, across the Pittsburgh area and toward Greensburg.

Local sightings touched off calls to police, who assumed they should be looking for an airplane on fire or a downed aircraft.

Around dinner time, residents of Kecksburg, a village in Mt. Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania, began reporting that something had fallen into a wooded area just outside the town.


The Kecksburg UFO incident

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania - A fire in the sky, an acorn-shaped object partially buried in the ground, odd hieroglyphic markings, the military restricting access to the site, a possible government cover-up -- all in Westmoreland County and it's all a part of what's known as the UFO incident in Kecksburg.

Friday will mark the 40th anniversary of that incident, when numerous people witnessed a fireball streak across the skies in the late afternoon.

While the fireball reportedly was seen in four states, it landed in a wooded area near the village of Kecksburg, near Mt. Pleasant.

All the witnesses interviewed said that the object in question was large, metallic, acorn-shaped, with hieroglyphic markings, and partially buried in the ground.

Soon after the object fell, the military was on the scene and cordoned off the area, forbidding access to everyone.

Even after a military flat-bed trailer truck was seen rushing out of the area carrying a tarpaulin-covered object, to this day the official story from the government was that nothing was found, that what crashed was a meteorite.


City woman taps her nightmares to help police solve murders

Lebanon, Pennsylvania - In the middle of the night, Jan Helen McGee awoke, shaking, images of murder bouncing around her head.

A dozen years ago, she dreamed of two men dining together. An argument erupted, escalated into a fight and ended as one man shot the other.

“I've been having nightmares about murder my whole life,” she said while seated in her home on North Eighth Street in Lebanon, her legs crossed at the knee, her hands flailing with nervous energy. “I woke up with a gasp. ... I was shaking, and I told my (now) ex-husband about my dream. He told me I should go to the police.”


Does spontaneous human combustion exist?

A character in Charles Dickens' Bleak House burns to death without any apparent reason. Human spontaneous combustion is a belief which has been around for centuries but does it really exist?

Viewers following Andrew Davies's adaptation of Charles Dickens' Bleak House on BBC One have just seen the dreadful moment when alcoholic Krook - played sinisterly by Johnny Vegas - finds his gin warming his stomach more than usual, and suddenly bursts into flames.

As his charred remains are found, Dickens lets the awful scene unfold: "Here is a small burnt patch of flooring; here is the tinder from a little bundle of burnt paper, but not so light as usual, seeming to be steeped in something; and here is - is it the cinder of a small charred and broken log of wood sprinkled with white ashes, or is it coal? Oh, horror, he IS here!"