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Sun, 24 Sep 2023
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Alma Deemed First Costa Rica-born Tropical Storm Ever

Costa Rica storm debris
©La Nacion
Communities of Perez Zeledon are just now regaining road access after Alma.

The effects of tropical storm Alma, the first of the season, are still being felt in the southern zone of Costa Rica where a record amount of destruction occurred along the Interamerican Highway and many families are still without shelter after watching their properties get washed away in the floods. The storm provoked at least 34 landslides that obstructed or destroyed large segments of road trapping some 1,500 people for two days and cutting off the south of the country and access to Panama.

Alma, which is the first tropical depression ever to be born in Costa Rican territory, is said to have caused more damage than hurricanes in the past, including Hurricane Cesar that passed through in 1996 destroying sectors of the same road. More than 8,000 people were left without drinking water or electricity, and the flooding caused nearly $40 million in damages.

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Below sea level low tide marks 18 year cycle

Vancouver - Fans of extreme ebb and flow got a treat yesterday.

The normally high and low tides of June got an even bigger push than usual, due to a rare alignment of the Earth, sun and moon.

A visit to Vancouver beaches provided quite a scene when a tide of minus 0.5 feet occurred at 1:33 p.m.


Governor Declares Drought in California

California drought
©David McNew/Getty Images

Los Angeles - Its reservoir levels receding and its grounds parched, California has fallen officially into drought, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wednesday, warning that the state might be forced to ration water to cities and regions if conservation efforts did not improve.

The drought declaration - the first for the state since 1991 - includes orders to transfer water from less dry areas to those that are dangerously dry. Mr. Schwarzenegger also said he would ask the federal government for aid to farmers and press water districts, cities and local water agencies to accelerate conservation. Drought conditions have hampered farming, increased water rates throughout California and created potentially dangerous conditions in areas prone to wildfires.


'Heatwave' descends on southeast Norway

Huk beach Norway
©Stian Lysberg Solum/Scanpix
Sun-worshippers flocked to the beach at Huk on the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo

A period of unusually warm weather has settled over southeastern Norway, with temperatures due to exceed 30C (nearly 90F) for the next week. No rain was in sight.

"It looks very good, with high temperatures through to Thursday next week," state meteorologist Øyvind Johnsen told Aftenposten.no on Tuesday.

Even the temperture of the water in the Oslo Fjord was rapidly rising. It's often still below 10C (50F) in early June, but Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported water temperatures at some Oslo-area beaches of 18C (nearly 70F) on Tuesday morning.


Vancouver: Thursday tied for coldest June day on record

Residents across the Lower Mainland shivered in their flip-flops Thursday as wet, wintry weather brought one of the coldest June days on record.


Unlocking the mystery of 'Earthquake Clouds' - how they form and why - Are they accurate in prediction?

'Earthquake Clouds'- For years, considered a mystery to science with an unknown form of genesis, strange cloud formations have been thought to precede earthquakes. Even ancient Chinese and Italians were aware of unique clouds that gave sign preceding large earthquakes. Sudden formation of long 'snakes' in the sky, where prior was clear and blue, where the deep earth warns in the sky above - how can this be? Modern science of earthquake genesis, called 'brittle fracture theory', is sudden fracture of a fault. Yet these clouds form days before earthquakes. How?

This article will reveal the true mechanism to how, why, and the physics of what causes 'earthquake clouds' - or a proper definition 'Earth Transient Clouds (ETrC). This phenomenon will also demonstrate how popular 'brittle fracture theory' continues to crumble as a feasible argument in how earthquakes really occur. However, 'Earthquake Clouds' are not reliable precursors - this too will be explained & why.

©Terra Research
"Earth Transient Cloud" type ETrC3


Strong earthquake hits northern Taiwan

Officials say a 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck northern Taiwan, rattling buildings, but causing no damage or casualties.

The Central Weather Bureau says the quake struck 12 miles (20 kilometers) north of the northeastern city of Ilan at 12:59 a.m. Monday.

Ilan is about 44 miles east of the capital of Taipei.

The CWS says this latest quake is not related to the 6.4 magnitude temblor that struck in the Pacific Ocean off of southern Taiwan on Sunday.

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Australia Had Driest May on Record, National Forecaster Says

Australia, trying to recover from its worst drought on record, had its driest May ever and large parts of the nation had severe rainfall deficiencies during southern hemisphere autumn, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

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Belize: Tropical Storm Arthur brings devastation and deluge

Belizeans were taken by surprise as the 2008 Hurricane Season's first storm in the Atlantic Basin; Tropical Storm Arthur formed Saturday. Churning up incessant rains and flash floods, the storm wreaked havoc across the nation. Up to press time, five persons had succumbed to the storm's wrath and two more had been reported missing in what is being cited as the worst natural disaster in Belize's modern history.

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US: Storms pop up in Plains as forecasters sound alarm

OMAHA, Nebraska - Tornadoes dropped onto the Great Plains on Thursday after forecasters had warned of a potentially historic outbreak, doing little harm early on but spooking a pair of circus elephants in Kansas that escaped their enclosure.