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Evil Rays

Navy sonar blamed for death of beaked whales found washed up in the Hebrides

Anti-submarine sonar may have killed a group of whales found dead in the Hebrides in one of Britain's most unusual strandings, scientists believe.

Five Cuvier's beaked whales, a species rarely seen in British waters, were discovered on beaches in the Western Isles on succeeding days in February. Another animal from a related species was discovered at the same time.


Alaska: Earthquakes Hit Remote Aleutian Islands

Anchorage, Alaska - Several earthquakes have jolted various sections of Alaska's remote Aleutian Islands.

The Alaska Earthquake Information Center says three light quakes struck early Sunday. Officials say the quakes ranged in magnitudes between 4.2 and 4.7.

The center says a moderate earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 5.1 occurred late Saturday night in the Rat Islands region of the Aleutians.

There are no immediate reports that any of the quakes were felt or caused any damage.


Quake shakes parts of South Texas

Falls city, Texas - No injuries have been reported after a pre-dawn earthquake Monday shook parts of South Texas, about 45 miles southeast of San Antonio.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the 3.7 magnitude quake happened at 4:51 a.m.

Cloud Lightning

US, Florida: Strong Evening Storms Knock Out Power To Orange County Neighborhood

Some Central Florida residents were working Monday morning to clean up after severe weather swept through the area. One Orange County neighborhood was without power Monday morning.

Progress Energy had estimated that things would be back up and running by 5:30 Monday morning, but lights were out in the neighborhood until around 7:15am. But even with the headache, residents were likely rolling out of bed, glad that the damage wasn't as bad as it was in other parts of the area.

The damage was much worse in Barefoot Bay where heavy rain caused flooding.

"You get a little nervous," said Steve Rice, a homeowner.


Cyprus: Dust in atmosphere to clear

The north-African dust and mud which has lingered in the skies above Cyprus is set to clear in the next 24 hours.

The dense cloud of orange dust blocked sunlight in many areas, cut airport visibility and increased the pollution index across the island.

Dust over the sea, shown on satellite


Japan: Dozens in hospital after bee attack

A awarm of bees attacked half-marathon runners in south-western Japan today, forcing 30 people to be rushed to hospital, rescuers said.

During the race in Saga city, athletes were set upon by the bees as they ran near a river bank, according to one of the local fire departments which dispatched five ambulances because of the incident.

"I have never experienced anything like this before,'' chief rescuer Tomomi Koyanag said.

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Problem linked to unusual weather: Icy menace rattles drivers on Skyway, Ohio

Skip Honsperger was headed to a Toledo hospital to visit his mother late last month when he saw a sheet of ice drop into the Veterans' Glass City Skyway's northbound left lane while he drove in the center lane.

Moments later, another chunk dropped from the I-280 bridge's stay cables right onto his MazdaSpeed 6's windshield, smashing it.

"It sounded like a big shotgun going off in the car," Mr. Honsperger recalled of the 2:30 p.m. incident on March 28.

The windshield didn't shatter or collapse into his car, but it was so cracked up that Mr. Honsperger had to peer through "an area the size of a pie plate" to drive home to Fremont.

©The Blade/Herral Long
Skip Honsperger had to drive to Fremont with a broken windshield after an ice chunk hit his car as he drove across the bridge.


Snowstorms leave Britain waking up to a flaky sort of spring

The heaviest spring snowstorms for almost 20 years blanketed much of the country yesterday, hampering transport and causing flight cancellations.

London snow fall
Heavy snow fall in London this morning


American Songbirds Are Being Wiped Out by Banned Pesticides and Loss of Habitat for Biofuel Corn Crops

The number of migratory songbirds returning to North America has gone into sharp decline due to the unregulated use of highly toxic pesticides and other chemicals across Latin America.

Bizarro Earth

Report: West warming faster than the rest of country

Summit County, Colorado - The Colorado River Basin is heating up faster than nearly any other part of North America, with potentially serious consequences for the region's economy and environment.